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Deer: The Animal Answer Guide

by George A Feldhamer, William J McShea

Deer: The Animal Answer Guide
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Did you know that elk and caribou are deer? Or that the earliest fossils of deer are 15 to 20 million years old? Have you ever wondered whether deer swim, play, or see colour? How do deer avoid predators and survive the winter? Do deer make good pets or carry contagious diseases? The authors answer these and other intriguing questions about members of the deer family Cervidae.

From the diminutive pudu of South America that weighs 17 pounds to male moose that weighs close to 2,000 pounds, this book explores the biology, evolution, ecology, feeding habits, reproduction, and behaviour of deer. It chronicles the relationships between humans and deer - both positive and negative - and discuss the challenges of deer conservation and management.



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