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Rabbits and Hares

by Anne McBride, Guy Troughton

Rabbits and Hares
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The rabbit is both loved and hated, a charming cuddly creature but with a big appetite. The author doesn't avoid either aspect of rabbits but gives fascinating information about their habits and life style. Male rabbits for instance, seem to have an intriguing knack of passing out after copulation and falling off their mates. Females methods of 'absentee care' of their young means onw visit of all of three minutes duraction to feed their young every 24 hours. Also discusses the Myxomatosis issues and population recovery. Hares on the other hand are not on the increase, partly because of modern agricultural practices. They too have some interesting habits, including racing up and down airfields alongside aeroplanes and sitting in circles watching other hares frolicking in the centre.



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