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The Hazel Dormouse

by Rimvydas Juskaitis, Sven Buchner

The Hazel Dormouse
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The common or hazel dormouse is an index species of species-rich woods and groves. Its ability to hibernate has fascinated naturalists of all times. Until recently, however, little was known about the biology of the dormouse due to its secretive habits. In the last decades researchers began to deal with the dormouse more thoroughly, particularly because of its relevance in nature conservation. Showing a strict preference for woodland, the hazel dormouse is especially vulnerable to habitat destruction. Exact knowledge of its biology and its ecological requirements are a prerequisite for the conservation of our smallest indigenous dormouse species. In this monograph on the fascinating hazel dormouse the authors present the results of more than 25 years of field research and examine them in the context of the international dormouse literature. Please note this is an English translation of the German monograph.



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