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Wild Europe: Exceptional Places from Iceland to the Urals

by Eric Brasseur, Erik Verdonck

Wild Europe: Exceptional Places from Iceland to the Urals
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This book is about a voyage of discovery to exceptional places. 'Where might there still be real wilderness in Europe?' wondered photographer Eric Brasseur. He set off for days at a time through remote and inaccessible areas, without any guarantee of success, to find out.

Often enduring extreme conditions - the Finnish taiga at a temperature of minus 35°C, the mosquitoes of Berezina in Belorussia - Brasseur explored many different natural environments: glaciers, volcanoes, canyons, archipelagoes, primeval forests. He watched orcas in northern Norway; he encountered bears and wolves in the Italian Abruzzi; he saw the last European bison in the Polish forests. He visited unique ecosystems, some of them unspoilt, others clearly under pressure.

This title explores extraordinary places from the Azores to the Balkans, from the highlands of Scotland to the steppes of Russia. Observations of birds of prey, vegetation of all kinds, sea creatures, rare plants and much more. Supporting text provides interviews with local conservationists and scientists.

And here, with a supporting text by Erik Verdonck and interviews with local conservationists and scientists, he shares his experiences and reveals the remarkable sights he recorded through the lens of his camera.



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