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Nature Photographer's Hide

Nature Photographer's Hide
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The portable hide allows everyone to get up-close and personal with the wildlife around them; from a beginner who just wants to get a little closer to nature to the professional photographer wanting the perfect close up.

"Superb value for money, easy to set up and easy to carry around." Jason Ridge, wildlife enthusiast, photographer & blogger.

For the best chance of a one of a kind encounter, this hide has a discreet zip-up observation window on each side, giving you a 360' degree view of the wild world around without the need to relocate and scare away the wildlife nearby. And because you would rather keep the wildlife on the outside of the hide, the interior comes with mosquito netting at each window to prevent unwanted guests, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience every time. The net is held in place with Velcro, so can be easily removed if taking photographs.

The hide is cleverly designed to easily and quickly fold flat into a lightweight, easy to carry case measuring just 58cm in diameter and weighing just 3.1kg when packed away. It is supplied in a handy carry bag, with ground fixing pegs and guy ropes for added stability.

When removed from the back pack, the hide springs up into a roomy tent (Dimensions: 115 x 115 x155cm) and is ready to use in seconds, making it a must-have accessory on country walks which can be out into action at the first sign of a close encounter.


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