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The What on Earth? Wallbook of Natural History

by Christopher Lloyd, Andy Forshaw

The What on Earth? Wallbook of Natural History
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Tells the complete story of natural history from the formation of the Earth to the latest breakthroughs in evolutionary science. A3 in size and comprising a remarkable 2.3 metre long, fully illustrated timeline, it can either be read like a book or unfolded and stuck on a wall.

On one side the 4.5 billion year timeline presents a unique illustrated guide to the past, cleverly linking subjects together from asteroids to algae. Streams of colour represent key themes, including the land, sea and sky, and provide a backdrop to all the major events of natural history.

On the reverse side a second timeline identifies the people behind the science and highlights key moments in the understanding of natural science from Aristotle to the present day.

Perfect for younger readers but also relevant to all ages.


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