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401 Amazing Animal Facts

by Marianne Taylor

401 Amazing Animal Facts
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Did you know that water bears (tardigrades) can survive in space, that woodpeckers stab their prey with their tongue, that the worlds smallest antelope is smaller than the largest frog, or that platypuses can detect electrical fields? This is a light hearted, accessible, richly informative compendium of surprising, amusing and intriguing facts about the animal world.

It is arranged thematically and delivered in snappy, bite-size sections, making this the perfect 'dip in and out' book for the nature-lover. Ranging from the obscure to the surreal and the myth-busting to the almost unbelievable, the wealth of information gathered here will appeal to anyone who loves animals, everyone who likes amassing knowledge for its own sake, and all who enjoy being a smartypants.

The book is illustrated throughout with cartoon line drawings provided by the author. Chapters include sensory sensations (remarkable animal senses), marvellous migrations (animal journeys), peculiar passions (oddities of courtship) and harassing humanity (people and animals).


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