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Bugs in Close-up

by Colin Hutton

Bugs in Close-up
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The extreme close-ups of insects, spiders and other invertebrates illustrate a hidden fauna of alien-looking critters. Many people see these creatures as creepy and revolting if they even notice them at all, but viewing these tiny animals through a macro lens presents them in an entirely new light. How many people have actually seen the 'face' of a tiny jumping spider, or the beautiful compound eyes of a female horsefly? This remarkable book will help people to appreciate the beauty of nature's smaller creatures. The macro photography brings to life the world of bugs, which is all around us yet too diminutive to be observed by the human eye. Coverage of families includes the likes of butterflies, beetles and bees, right through to giant stick insects and mantids which look like they are straight from a science fiction film. It covers everything from warning patterns and camouflage to mimicry and many other unbelievable adaptations. The incredible photography is supported by informative extended captions detailing the subjects and in some cases explaining how the images were taken. Bugs in Close-Up is an essential read for insect enthusiasts and fans of creepy-crawlies everywhere, as well as for photographers who will marvel at the skills and techniques used when taking the close-up macro images.


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