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Amphibian Habitat Management Handbook

by John Baker, Trevor Beebee, John Buckley, Tony Gent, David Orchard

Amphibian Habitat Management Handbook
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There are seven amphibians native to Great Britain. Five of these are widespread; great crested newt, smooth newt, palmate newt, common toad and common frog. Of these, the great crested newt and common toad are Biodiversity Action Plan priorities.

There are two rare amphibians, the natterjack toad and the northern pool frog. The natterjack is a conservation priority and a habitat specialist with very different ecological requirements to the other native amphibians. Hence a section of the handbook is dedicated to this species. The pool frog is currently subject to a reintroduction project and is not covered by the current handbook.

This is a resource for a range of users including conservation professionals and interested volunteers.



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