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Gulls: A Guide to Identification

by P J Grant

Gulls: A Guide to Identification
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This second edition of Peter Grant's guide has been extensively revised and has been reset throughout. Importantly, a further eight species of gulls occurring on the west coasts of Canada and the USA have been added. The book now covers 31 species and more than 280 new photographs have been added or substituted, bringing the total to 544.

Until recently gulls were widely regarded as a difficult group and identification and ageing was often inaccurate or uncertain. This was largely due to the complexities of immature plumages, which of necessity were generally unrepresented in standard field guides. Birdwatchers need no longer be deterred or confounded by that deficiency. This book offers them the opportunity to advance their skill in field identification by accepting the challenge rather than shrinking from the difficulties. 2nd edition.



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