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Threatened Birds of the World

by A J Stattersfield, David R Capper

Threatened Birds of the World
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This book, produced in association with BirdLife International, covers all of the threatened species, almost 1200 in total. Threatened Birds of the World divides into several sections, the first giving background information on the factors causing an increase in species at risk plus the criteria used to determine how endangered they are. The bulk of the book however concentrates on the birds themselves - showing those at risk, important statistics, distribution information (aided by clear maps) and excellent illustrations. All species are rated as critical, endangered or vulnerable with special attention being paid to the threats each species faces and the conservation efforts that are being taken to reverse their decline. There is a separate section for birds such as New Zealand's Laughing Owl who although at a lower risk of extinction are nevertheless still experiencing difficulties in sustaining their numbers. The final section divides the endangered birds into their respective territories, highlighting the regions where birds are experiencing the most difficulties. This full colour illustrated book would make an ideal gift (or personal treat!) as a welcome addition to any ornithologist's collection.



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