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Atlas of the Breeding Waders in the Russian Arctic

by Elena G Lappo, Pavel S Tomkovich, Evgeny Syroechkovskiy

Atlas of the Breeding Waders in the Russian Arctic
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Presents a summary and analysis of distribution of breeding waders (shorebirds, suborder Limicolae, order Charadriiformes) in the Russian Arctic, the region where almost all migration flyways of waders over-wintering on most continents begins. Atlas of Breeding Waders in the Russian Arctic has as its foundation, an electronic Access database that contains and analyses breeding and abundance records of waders from 2,859 locations collected from over 150 years of research.

This data comes from 1,360 published and unpublished sources including the mass of information accrued by the authors themselves. Comprehensive accounts for each of the 51 wader species regularly breeding in the Russian Arctic are maps of breeding records, abundance and an extrapolated breeding distribution map. For the first time, we identify core (optimum) breeding areas for most wader species.

The introductory chapters address the question of geographic boundaries of the Atlas in the Russian Arctic region, discusses approaches to mapping breeding distribution, describes the methodology for surveying breeding waders and compares their results. The concluding chapter evaluates the historic trends in distribution and abundance of Arctic waders over the past 150 years.

Russian with English summaries and bilingual figure captions and table headings.



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