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Birds of Somalia

by John Ash, John Miskell

illustrations by Martin Woodcock

Birds of  Somalia
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Somalia, with seven endemic species, is one of the most important bird areas in Africa; it is also one of the least well-known. The essence of this book is to provide an atlas of 654 maps showing the distribution of all the species known from the country, with plates that depict 25 little known species.

Chapters summarise the available knowledge on bird migration and breeding seasons within Somalia. Much of the ornithological content of Birds of Somalia is based on personal experience. About 70% of the observations on the maps were provided by the authors and they claim to have seen all but one of the 654 birds on the Somali list. Besides adding over 50 first time records to the list they were also responsible for finding and adding to science one new species and four new subspecies of birds from Somalia.



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