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Ecology, Earth and Environmental Science

Jurassic trees to present day hedgerows, cartwheeling caterpillars to snoozing mosquitoes, oceans to garden ponds, clouds, snowflakes, rocks, wetlands and how you can do your bit to save the planet!

We have hundreds of books in this diverse and fascinating section to satisfy everyone from the natural science student to conservation managers - or simply anyone with a curiosity and sense of wonder for the diversity and fragility of life on our planet.

  • Wild Kingdom: Bringing Back Britain's Wildlife
    Wild Kingdom: Bringing Back Britain's… by Stephen Moss

    Britain's wildlife is in trouble. Wild creatures that have lived here for thousands of years are disappearing, because of pollution and persecution, competition with alien species, changing farming and forestry practices, and climate change. It's not just rare creatures such as the Scottish wildcat or the red squirrel that are vanishing. Hares and hedgehogs, skylarks and water voles, even the humble house sparrow, are in freefall. But now, at last, there is hope. In Wild Kingdom, Stephen Moss tells a different story. He has travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom to see just how Britons are fighting back to save the wildlife they love. In Newcastle, he sees otters that have returned to the river Tyne and red kites flying over the Metro centre; in Devon, beavers on the River Otter; and in London, peregrines – the fastest living creature on the planet – which have taken up residence in the capital. Elsewhere in the British countryside things are changing too. What were once nature-free zones are being 'rewilded'; giving our wild creatures the space they need – not just to survive, but also to thrive. As Britain's wildlife begins its long, slow fightback, perhaps, Stephen Moss argues, we are beginning to realise that nature is no longer a bolt-on luxury – and that it is absolutely essential for our well being, both as individuals and as a nation. "An absorbing quest into the state of British wildlife today." – The Bookseller


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  • Wild Kingdom: Bringing Back Britain's Wildlife
    Wild Kingdom: Bringing Back Britain's… by Stephen Moss

    Britain's wildlife is in trouble. Wild creatures that have lived here for thousands of years are disappearing, because of pollution and persecution, competition with alien species, changing farming and forestry practices, and climate change. It's not just rare creatures such as the Scottish wildcat or the red squirrel that are vanishing. Hares and hedgehogs, skylarks and water voles, even the humble house sparrow, are in freefall. But now, at last, there is hope.

    In Wild Kingdom, Stephen Moss tells a different story. He has travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom to see just how Britons are fighting back to save the wildlife they love. In Newcastle, he sees otters that have returned to the river Tyne and red kites flying over the Metro centre; in Devon, beavers on the River Otter; and in London, peregrines – the fastest living creature on the planet – which have taken up residence in the capital. Elsewhere in the British countryside things are changing too. What were once nature-free zones are being 'rewilded'; giving our wild creatures the space they need – not just to survive, but also to thrive. As Britain's wildlife begins its long, slow fightback, perhaps, Stephen Moss argues, we are beginning to realise that nature is no longer a bolt-on luxury – and that it is absolutely essential for our well being, both as individuals and as a nation.

    "An absorbing quest into the state of British wildlife today." – The Bookseller

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  • Geological Structures: An Introductory Field Guide
    Geological Structures: An Introductory… by Chris Pellant

    Geological Structures is an easy-to-use, highly informative photographic field guide that introduces the great variety of geological features to be found all around us. The authors' beautiful photography, extended captions and accessible text make interpreting and understanding geological structures simple whether you're an expert geologist or an amateur enthusiast keen to learn more. The three main rock groups – igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary – and their related structures are each covered in their own section, followed by sections focusing on folds and folding, faults and faulting, and finally unconformities. Structures and related landforms are illustrated in more than 200 of the authors' detailed colour photographs and their helpful captions assist with identification in the field. Each geological account includes a history of the structure's formation and provides useful information on how to identify and understand its distinguishing features.


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  • Simon King's Naturewatch: How to Track and Observe Wildlife
    Simon King's Naturewatch: How to Track… by Simon King

    Naturewatch is the ultimate guide to watching British wildlife, from renowned naturalist and TV presenter Simon King.

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  • The Complete Naturalist
    The Complete Naturalist by Nick Baker

    Nick Baker's fascination with the natural world began at an early age, inspired by Gerald and Lee Durrell's classic book The Amateur Naturalist. His The Complete Naturalist is an up-to-date, practical introduction to observing, understanding and investigating the natural world around us.

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  • Shrewdunnit: The Nature Files35% OFF
    Shrewdunnit: The Nature Files by Conor Mark Jameson

    Conor Mark Jameson has spent most of his life exploring the natural environment and communicating his enthusiasm for it to family, friends and, more recently, readers of a range of newspapers and magazines. Shrewdunnit brings together the best of these dispatches, alongside unpublished essays, in a poetic and evocative journal that inspires and delights. Jameson's prose is fresh and in places irreverent, with a hint of mischief and a dash of wit.

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  • Ponds; Creating and Maintaining a Wildlife Pond
    Ponds; Creating and Maintaining a… by Chris McClaren

    Ponds are becoming the best way to conserve and enjoy wildlife. Pond life expert Chris McClaren introduces the reader to the world of ponds and all the information you require to create and maintain one and how to introduce wildlife to help it thrive. Illustrations, 96pp. 2009

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  • Young Voices: Turning Ideas into Action33% OFF
    Young Voices: Turning Ideas into Action by Kathy Duffy

    Designed for leaders of Wildlife Watch, school or youth groups, this book aims to find ways of giving children a greater degree of choice and responsibility during their meetings. Full of games and activities, tips and suggestions. Includes activity sheets. 16pp. 2001

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £7.50Buy Now
  • Last of the Scottish Wildcats46% OFF
    Last of the Scottish Wildcats by Beckmann Visual Publishing

    Set in the breathtaking landscapes of the Cairngorms and the west coast of Scotland, this DVD video contains unique footage of Scottish wildcat, covering hunting, courtship and mating behaviour. Detailed interviews with leading authorities on the wildcat covering evolution and theats to the wildcats including habitat loss, human persecution, hybridising with domestic cats and conclusions for the future of the wildcat. Includes a four page colour booklet. Duration: 61 mins

    DVD £7.99 RRP: £15.00Buy Now
  • The Blue50% OFF
    The Blue by UNESCO

    Limited edition published in conjunction with UNESCO to celebrate our planet's oceans. Features work from some of the greatest underwater photographers and ocean writers such as David Bellamy, Jean Michel-Cousteau, Buzz Aldrin and Sylvia Earle.

    Hardback £19.99 RRP: £39.99Buy Now
  • Silent Spring Revisited23% OFF
    Silent Spring Revisited by Conor Mark Jameson

    2012 sees the 50th anniversary of the publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. This book was to become a driving force behind the environmental movement, and as such was one of the most important books of the last century. Fifty years on this title reflects on Carson's legacy, both in Britain, and the United States and beyond, and asks the question - do we still face the prospect of a future silent spring? 288pp. 2012

    Hardback £12.99 RRP: £16.99Buy Now
  • Conservation Management of Freshwater Habitats: Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands66% OFF
    Conservation Management of Freshwater… by P S Maitland, N C Morgan

    Attention is paid to the problems facing wildlife conservation brought about by human impact on freshwater habitats. Subjects covered include a description of the types of habitat involved and their value to mankind, the type of impact evaluation of site value in conservation terms, practical protection and management of sites, species conservation and future prospects. Draws on examples of sites worldwide. Illustration type: Black and White Photographs, Line Drawings, 233pp. 1997

    Paperback £20.00 RRP: £59.95Buy Now
  • Dinosaurs, Triassic and Jurassic74% OFF
    Dinosaurs, Triassic and Jurassic by N Korck

    Full colour laminated chart. 900mm x 594mm

    - £2.50 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • RSPB Where to Discover Nature53% OFF
    RSPB Where to Discover Nature by Marianne Taylor

    This is the first book to explore in detail every RSPB reserve open to the public in the United Kingdom. From the wild forests of Caledonia and teeming seabird cities of the north, to the rolling heath lands and rich wetlands of the south, you will find all the information you need to organise and enjoy your days out.

    Paperback £5.99 RRP: £12.99Buy Now
  • Discovering Nature in Cities72% OFF
    Discovering Nature in Cities by David Geary

    by David Geary

    The aim of this book is to encourage people to develop an interest in the natural world. There are suggestions for a number of natural history events, seven of which are described in detail. The events include guided walks, treasure hunts, indoor talks and various wildlife observation techniques. Although written with large events in mind, many of the activities are suitable for people who want to observe wildlife themselves, or arrange small events for family and friends.


    Paperback £2.50 RRP: £9.00Buy Now
  • A Guide to Common Fossils34% OFF
    A Guide to Common Fossils by Chris and Helen Pellant
    Colour photographs of 71 common fossils. Diagram of The Geological Time Scale. 2004
    - £2.50 RRP: £3.80Buy Now
  • Ponds, Pools and Rockeries: Over Twenty Easy-to-Build Projects for a Beautiful Garden37% OFF
    Ponds, Pools and Rockeries: Over Twenty… by Penny Swift, Janek Szymanowski

    Transform your garden with water features, establish wildlife ponds and design streams, waterfalls and fountains.

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £7.99Buy Now
  • Going, Going, Gone?38% OFF
    Going, Going, Gone? -

    100 conservation organisations around the world have each nominated the species that gives them most cause for concern. This provides an overview of the work that we need to do now to save these and the hundreds of thousands of other similar placed species before they are gone. Provides facts about each species and what you can do.

    Hardback £7.99 RRP: £12.99Buy Now
  • My Garden and Other Animals53% OFF
    My Garden and Other Animals by Mike Dilger

    by Mike Dilger

    After years of travel and study, The One Show's Mike Dilger has at last bought a house and with it, a (potentially) glorious garden. "Potential" was definitely the word that sprang to mind the very first time Mike and his partner Christina viewed their new "house-and-garden-to-be".


    Paperback £6.99 RRP: £14.99Buy Now
  • Few and Far Between; On the Trail of Britain's Rarest Animals
    Few and Far Between; On the Trail of… by Charlie Elder

    Seeking the beautiful, the breathtaking and the bizarre, Charlie Elder goes in search of Britain's rarest and most endangered animals. Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, and meeting up with experts along the way, he tracks down secretive and scarce mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects living on the brink, ranging from the iconic Scottish wildcat and surreal spiny seahorse to the striking golden oriole, outlandish wart-biter cricket and sinister black rat. This title celebrates the diversity on our doorstep and highlights the natural treasures we risk losing.

    Hardback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Sex on Earth
    Sex on Earth by Jules Howard

    1,000 million years ago, a sexual revolution occurred on Earth. Sex happened for the first time; from this moment the world became ever more colourful and bizarre, ringing with elaborate songs and dances, epic battles, and rallying cries as the desires of males and females collided, generation after generation.  From sperm wars to cuckoldry, hermaphrodites and virgin births, spent males, racy harems, clitoral births, hips, breasts and birdsong, penis-percussion, and those riskiest and most elusive of all traits, monogamy and true love, all this and more is discussed in Sex on Earth, as Jules takes us on a voyage of discovery of the ins and outs of animal reproduction.

    Hardback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Wytham Woods: Oxford's Ecological Laboratory
    Wytham Woods: Oxford's Ecological… by Peter Savill et al.

    A unique balance of expertise, with contributions from some of the world's leading field biologists; this accessible text will appeal to students and professional researchers in the fields of ecology, forestry, and conservation biology as well as a broader audience of natural historians, conservationists, and wildlife enthusiasts.

    Paperback £34.99 Buy Now
  • A Less Green and Pleasant Land: Our Threatened Wildlife
    A Less Green and Pleasant Land: Our… by Norman Maclean

    Disentangling the facts from the hype, this 'Domesday book' of the British and Irish countryside offers a definitive and up-to-date survey of the state of our wildlife today. Norman Maclean, editor of the bestselling Silent Summer, examines the latest findings of Britain and Ireland's top wildlife experts and interprets them for a wider audience.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • A Buzz in the Meadow
    A Buzz in the Meadow by Dave Goulson

    The author tells the story of how he bought a derelict farm in the heart of rural France, together with 33 acres of surrounding meadow and how, over a decade, he has created a place for his beloved bumblebees to thrive. But other creatures live there too, a myriad of insects of every kind, many of them ones that Goulson has studied before in his career as a biologist.

    Hardback £16.99 Buy Now
  • The Countryside Book; 101 Ways to Play
    The Countryside Book; 101 Ways to Play by Tessa Wardley

    Britain's countryside offers a host of varied habitats for the walker, the amateur naturalist and the family in search of entertainment for children. This brand new collection of reflections on and activities to do in the countryside from an author passionate about reconnecting both children and adults with nature offers ideas for a range of activities all of which will enhance the reader's enjoyment of and engagement with, the natural world. You'll learn how to watch 'mad' March hares – and whether their boxing matches are for real. You'll discover the best places to see butterflies and how to encourage them in your own garden.

    Perfect for adults and children who enjoy climbing, investigating, den building, camping and generally having adventures and new experiences, this book will encourage readers to have fun with nature.

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • Studies in Golf Course Management: No. 2 Nest Boxes for Birds & Mammals
    Studies in Golf Course Management: No.… by Bob Taylor, Jonathan Hart-Woods

    Covers a range of box types suitable for encouraging roosting sleeping and hibernating for a variety of birds and mammals. Fully illustrated with colour photos black & white drawings and text outlines construction details of 19 types of box. Although this book is part of the ecology series for Golf Course Management it is equally suitable for anyone keen to encourage native bird and mammal populations into parks recreational & leisure areas and schools. 74pp 1999

    Paperback £12.50 Buy Now
  • Sleep and Rest in Animals
    Sleep and Rest in Animals by Corine Lacrampe

    When does a mosquito nap? How do snails sleep at the bottom of their shells? From insects to primates, this book covers the story of the evolution of sleep, from that found in insects rudimentary nerve cell clusters to the complex sleep of sophisticated mammalian brain. Colour photographs, 109pp. 2003

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  • Collins Beekeeper's Bible
    Collins Beekeeper's Bible -

    The most comprehensive beekeeping resource ever published. This ultimate guide covers all the practical essentials and will teach you everything about caring for bees and safe hive management, with clear instructions and step-by-step illustrations. It also contains a wealth of information about the culinary, medicinal, cosmetic and domestic uses of honey, beeswax and pollen.

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Darwin in Scotland; Edinburgh, Evolution and Enlightenment
    Darwin in Scotland; Edinburgh,… by J F Derry

    The first book on Darwin and Darwinism that concentrates wholly on his time spent in Scotland. Provides introductory notes to both academic and non-academic topics and delves deeper into subject areas without becoming inaccessible to the lay reader. B/w photographs, 186pp. 2010

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  • The River Book
    The River Book by Tessa Wardley

    Combines fascinating facts about rivers and the plants and animals that live nearby with activities for children and adults. There is also a journal element that focuses on special times or sightings at particular rivers. Targeted at the 30 million plus people who enjoy rivers annually, it can be enjoyed equally by armchair enthusiasts. Illustration type: Colour photographs, Line drawings, 160pp. 2012

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • The Albatross and the Fish; Linked Lives in the Open Seas
    The Albatross and the Fish; Linked… by Robin W Doughty, Virginia Carmichael

    The authors authoritatively establish that the albatross's fate is linked to the fate of two of the highest value table food, Bluefin Tuna and Patagonian Toothfish, which are threatened by unregulated commercial harvesting. Commercial fishing techniques are annually killing tens of thousands of albatrosses and because of their breeding biology they are unable to replenish their numbers at the rate they are being depleted.

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  • Saving Wild Tigers: 1900-2000
    Saving Wild Tigers: 1900-2000 -

    Charts key moments in the fight to save tigers, from the earliest essay to lament India's vanishing wildlife, through the 1950's and 60's when scientific methods were introduced into investigations of tiger decline, to the present day. No activist is more passionate about tiger conservation than Valmik Thapar and this book is part of his ongoing crusade, whilst presenting a readable anthology on the perils faced by tigers and the travails of those trying to ensure it retains its regal, untamed magnificence. B/w plates, 1 colour plate, 411pp. 2001

    Paperback £22.95 Buy Now
  • A Guide to Hedgerows (ID Chart)
    A Guide to Hedgerows (ID Chart) by Gill Crane

    This 8 sided laminated fold out colour identification chart of Hedgerows provides a guide to the plants, birds, mammals and invertebrates that live in the British hedgerow.

    Laminated chart £3.00 Buy Now
  • Rare; Portraits of America's Endangered Species
    Rare; Portraits of America's Endangered… by Joel Satore

    A wildlife portfolio with a single, haunting theme - all the birds, beasts, flowers and reptiles are endangered species. This publication offers eloquent proof that a picture really is worth a thousand words as it shows us, one after another, uniquely remarkable and seriously threatened life forms. Colour photographs, 120pp. 2010

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • My Family and 50 Other Animals: A Year-Long Quest to See British Mammals
    My Family and 50 Other Animals: A… by Dominic Couzens

    A colourful and amusing narrative charts the peaks and troughs as the author, his wife and two young children take up the challenge to scour the length and breadth of the British Isles in search of everything from Weasels and Stoats to Edible Dormice, Killer Whales and Wallabies. Colour and b/w illustrations and photographs, 272pp. 2009

    Hardback £17.99 Buy Now
  • The Geology of Britain; An Introduction
    The Geology of Britain; An Introduction by Peter Toghill

    Covers the geological history of Britain from over 2,000 million years ago to the present day. Chapters cover fundamentals of geology, descriptions of the rocks, minerals and fossils of the recognised periods of geological time and the areas where they are found today. Throughout the book the modern concept of plate tectonics is continually used to explain the geological processes which have built Britain. Colour photographs and line drawings, 192pp. 2002

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • A Guide to Rocks
    A Guide to Rocks by Chris and Helen Pellant

    This guide provides information and colour photographs of 71 species of rocks. 2003

    - £3.80 Buy Now
  • The Natural History Book; The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth
    The Natural History Book; The Ultimate… by DK Publishing, Foreword by Cristian Samper

    A complete survey of the Earth's natural history. Each geological and biological grouping is introduced and explained in an engaging and highly informative way. From granites to grape vines, from microbes to mammals, this is a true visual dictionary of every kingdom of life. Colour photographs, 648pp. 2010

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • How to Read the Landscape
    How to Read the Landscape by Robert Yarham

    A practical introduction to looking at and appreciating different landforms around us. Explores the characteristics of landforms dating from ancient times to the modern day. An accessible visual introduction to help us understand landforms, tracing the development of landscapes through the ages. Colour illustrations and diagrams, 256pp. 2010

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • Beat About the Bush
    Beat About the Bush by Trevor Carnaby

    Answers everything you ever wanted to know about birds and mammals, including the questions you didn't even think you had. Have you ever wondered why birds have feathers, or how they don't fall off branches whilst sleeping? Why animals walk in line, how they see at night, or why they have that colouring?

    Paperback £20.00 Buy Now
  • Why the Cheetah Cheats; And Other Mysteries of the Natural World
    Why the Cheetah Cheats; And Other… by Lewis Smith

    A fascinating overview of recent research on the animal world. Examples of animal behaviour include new research on the promiscuity of female as well as male cheetahs. Almost every cheetah litter has two or more fathers, the benefits are that their cubs are more genetically diverse and the chance of the young being killed by adult males is reduced. The animal world is revealing more of its long kept secrets every day, helping us better understand the world in which we live. Colour photographs, 240pp. 2009

    Paperback £20.00 Buy Now
  • Checklist of CITES Species / Lista de las Especies CITES / Liste des Especes CITES
    Checklist of CITES Species / Lista de… by WCMC

    Provides alphabetical lists of the species of fauna & flora included in Appendices I II & III of CITES in order to help those officials charged with enforcing the Convention. The lists show the scientific names of species plus the common names in English, Spanish & French. 312pp 1998 IUCN

    Paperback £32.00 Buy Now
  • Wild Weather
    Wild Weather by John Lynch

    From tornadoes to hurricanes, via solar storms and the jetstream, we take a trip with the most exciting and dangerous forces of weather. This books takes an intimate look at the forces of the weather - wind, wet, hot and cold. Scientific facts are clearly explained. Colour illustrations. 240pp. 2002

    Hardback £20.00 Buy Now
  • Dinosaurs; A Field Guide
    Dinosaurs; A Field Guide by Gregory S Paul

    Provides thorough descriptions of more than 735 dinosaur species. Features the full range of the great Mesozoic animals that gave rise to the living dinosaurs - the birds - from small, feathered creatures, to whale sized supersauropods. Includes unique skeletal drawings. Colour and b/w illustrations, 304pp. 2010

    Hardback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Vanishing Wildlife: A Sound Guide to Britain's Endangered Species
    Vanishing Wildlife: A Sound Guide to… by Richard Ranft

    Recordings of some of the most elusive birds, mammals, insects and frogs in Britain. Among the 31 species featured are some that have always been scarce, others that have declined in numbers due to changes in habitat and a precious few that have already become extinct. Duration: 73 mins, 2006

    CD £9.99 Buy Now
  • Surviving; How Animals Adapt to Their Environments
    Surviving; How Animals Adapt to Their… by Alessandro Minelli, Maria Pia Mannucci

    Several million species inhabit the earth, survivors of more than three billion years of evolution. The plants and animals that have avoided extinction have had to adapt to a variety of harsh conditions. This title presents the most striking example of these incredible artists of survival. Colour photographs, 200pp. 2009

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Salt Marshes; A Natural and Unnatural History
    Salt Marshes; A Natural and Unnatural… by Judith S Weis, Carol A Butler

    Exploring the fascinating biodiversity of salt marshes, this work offers information about the variety of plants, fish and animals, the importance of the habitats, consequences of human neglect and thoughtless development, and insight into how these wetlands recover. Illustrations, 272pp. 2009

    Paperback £20.95 Buy Now
  • Guide to Freshwater Invertebrates
    Guide to Freshwater Invertebrates by Michael Dobson et al.

    Provides an introduction to the invertebrates that live in our rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and wetlands and the means to identify the many different types, from flatworms to beetles. A series of easy-to-follow keys, along with notes on ecology and distribution, allow identification of the more commonly encountered freshwater invertebrates occurring in Britain and Ireland. Line drawings, 216pp. 2012, reprinted 2013

    Paperback £33.00 Buy Now
  • The Carrifran Wildwood Story
    The Carrifran Wildwood Story -

    A group, associated with the Borders Forest Trust have a project underway, which is attempting to restore the natural upper tree line largely lost in Scotland. This is their story so far. How they began raising saplings and funds while seeking a suitable site, found a bare valley in the Southern Uplands north of Moffit, fenced it and expelled domestic stock, feral goats and deer, and now have growing woodlands where warblers are beginning to replace chats. Colour photographs, 224pp. 2009

    Paperback £15.00 Buy Now
  • Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning in the Early Years
    Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning in… by Sara Knight

    Learning outside the classroom is an essential part of early years education, and this book looks at the opportunities the Forest School experience can offer young children for learning outdoors, and how this fits into the early years curriculum. By offering clear guidance on what the Forest School approach can achieve, the book shows you how to incorporate good practice into all outdoor play activities.


    This is an inspirational read for anyone working in early years education, and for all those who care about the future of our young children and the world in which they are growing up. 144pp. 2009

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Survivors; The Animals and Plants that Time Has Left Behind
    Survivors; The Animals and Plants that… by Richard Fortey

    The history of life on Earth is far older and far odder than many of us realise. The author traces this history not through fossil records, but in the living stories of organisms that have survived nearly unchanged for hundreds of millions of years and whose existence today affords us tantalising glimpses of landscapes long vanished. Colour photographs, 336pp. 2011

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • Predators of North America
    Predators of North America by Dave Taylor

    This title includes 300 colour photographs of North American predators in their natural habitats. Notes on each animals habitat, the role it plays in the ecosystem and where and when it can best be observed. 320pp. 2009

    Hardback £22.50 Buy Now
  • Garden Plants Valuable to Bees23% OFF
    Garden Plants Valuable to Bees by IBRA

    The importance of garden plants yielding nectar and pollen is that together they provide a continuous food supply, from willows and crocus in early spring to ivy in late autumn. Once available from pastures that came into flower before they were cut, verges and hedgerows and abundant weeds. Today's agriculture has greatly reduced these resources but gardens designed for ease of management are now valuable in providing day to day food supplies. 2003 revised edition

    Paperback £5.75 RRP: £7.50Buy Now
  • Minerals, Rocks & Fossils (Philip's Guide)
    Minerals, Rocks & Fossils (Philip's… -

    Every specimen described and illustrated on double page spread with over 600 colour illustrations. Over 300 line drawings identify structure and features. 336pp. 2001 2nd edition.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • Protecting Biological Diversity: Roles and Responsibility
    Protecting Biological Diversity: Roles… -

    The most species rich regions of the globe, the tropics, are economically the poorest. How can biologists work towards effective protection for endangered species in countries hungry for food and basic resources? And why should the local people trust the advise of scientist who have broken their promises in the past and shown little respect for their cultural values. The editors asked scientists and scholars to discuss and identify possible solutions to such questions as: How can biologists work towards the protection of biodiversity whilst being respectful of the human desire for a better future. The resulting papers analyse specific situations in countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, India and Panama and discuss the philosophical basis for environmental research. 160pp. 2001

    Paperback £17.50 Buy Now
  • The Hedgerow Handbook; Recipes, Remedies and Rituals38% OFF
    The Hedgerow Handbook; Recipes,… by Adele Nozedar

    A distinctive feature of the British countryside is the hedgerow. Take a closer look, and the diversity and variety of plant species that form them is little short of wondrous. As well as providing shelter and food for wildlife, they also provide fresh, wild food for us, and this is partly what this book is about. The author reintroduces the wild and natural hedgerow ingredients that our grandmothers used on a regular basis, but gives them a fresh and contemporary twist. Colour illustrations, 208pp. 2012

    Hardback £7.99 RRP: £12.99Buy Now
  • The Urban Beekeeper
    The Urban Beekeeper by Steve Benbow

    Ten years ago Steve Benbow decided to keep bees. There was just one problem: he lived in an ex-council tower block with no garden. Undeterred, he built a hive on the flat roof, and there began a lifelong obsession with bees. Steve Benbow's honest, warm-hearted diary shows what a satisfying adventure it is to keep bees in the city.

    Hardback £16.00 Buy Now
  • Otters: Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation
    Otters: Ecology, Behaviour and… by Hans Kruut

    This titles personal style and generously illustrated text will appeal to amateurs and professionals alike. It emphasises recent research and conservation management initiatives for all 13 species of otter worldwide.

    Paperback £46.99 Buy Now
  • Atlas of Oceans; Exploring this Hidden World
    Atlas of Oceans; Exploring this Hidden… by John Farndon

    Every aspect of the oceans is explored, from the seabed, continental shelves, currents, water circulation and waves, to all the wildlife that calls these places home. Each ocean (the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern, Arctic, the Seas of Europe, the Eurasian Inland Seas and the South China Sea) is examined in great detail, revealing its characteristics, underwater topography, principal species and particular features, including the effects of habitat erosion. Colour photographs, illustrations, maps, 256pp. 2011

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • Woodland Rides and Glades: Their Management for Wildlife
    Woodland Rides and Glades: Their… by M S Warren, R J Fuller

    This is a useful booklet, giving advice on British woodlands. Nowadays, in many woods, open areas are confined to rides and glades. These features make up a relatively small part of most woods, but their value for woodland wildlife can be great provided that they are suitably managed. Colour photographs, line drawings, maps, 32pp. 2nd edition 1993

    Paperback £4.00 Buy Now

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