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  • Blue Whales83% OFF
    Blue Whales by Patricia Miller-Schroeder

    The Wildworld series covers folklore and classic stories as well as scientific topics such as classification and distribution.

    Paperback £0.99 RRP: £5.99Buy Now
  • Wolves83% OFF
    Wolves by Karen Dudley

    The Wildworld series covers folklore and classic stories as well as scientific topics such as classification and distribution.

    Paperback £0.99 RRP: £5.99Buy Now
  • Grizzly Bears83% OFF
    Grizzly Bears by Janice Parker

    The Wildworld series covers folklore and classic stories as well as scientific topics such as classification and distribution.

    Paperback £0.99 RRP: £5.99Buy Now
  • The Atlas of Endangered Species60% OFF
    The Atlas of Endangered Species by Gerard Bertrand, John A. Burton

    The natural disappearance of plants and animals has occurred for millions of years but today the risk of extinction hangs over thousands of species. Due to human population increases and our need for food, fuel, shelter and the earths precious natural resources, the erosion of habitats threatens the survival of creatures as diverse as the Black rhino and Horseshoe bat. Written by a team of expert contributors this authoritative guide provides insight into the range and reason of the world's theatened plant and animal species. Colour photographs maps 272pp 2000

    Hardback £7.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals49% OFF
    Conservation and Management of Marine… -

    During the 1960's through to the 80's, the public awareness and interest in marine mammals and their conservation had a marked beneficial effect on the numbers of whales, seals, dolphins and manatees killed for commercial purposes. Other serious threats to their existence are now widely recognised however - incidental kills during fishing, degradation of habitat, pollution and collision with vessels to name a few. The various contributors to this book review the history, current status and implications of marine mammal legislation, the interactions of marine mammals with fisheries and the current whaling debate. They evaluate recent efforts directed at the Florida manatee, the Hawaiian monk seal the North Atlantic right whale and other endangered species. Black and white photographs and illustrations, 576pp. 1999

    Hardback £18.00 RRP: £35.95Buy Now
  • Eyewitness Guides: Whale
    Eyewitness Guides: Whale by Papastavrou

    Aimed mainly at children this book is nevertheless a useful introduction for adults who wish to learn basic facts about the natural history of whales dolphins seals & dugongs or manatees.

    Hardback £8.99 Buy Now
  • Horseshoe Bats of the World
    Horseshoe Bats of the World by G Csorba et al.

    Definitive work covering 70 species from 17 groups. Each species is described with sections on characters (external, cranial and dental), recognised subspecies, morphology, taxonomy, ecology, echolocation, distribution and conservation status. Also contains a key to groups and species and a gazetteer.

    Paperback £37.50 Buy Now
  • Bats
    Bats by Phil Richardson

    by Phil Richardson

    The author takes you on a guided tour of the nocturnal world of bats, where they live, how they feed and how they survive in almost every habitat on the planet.

    Paperback £12.99 Buy Now
  • The Ape in Myth & Art
    The Ape in Myth & Art by Zuckerman, Solly

    A limited edition publication celebrating the role played by apes and monkeys in art and literature through the ages. Written by Lord Solly Zuckerman, and completed just before his untimely death, the book reveals his love of these animals and their appearance in paintings, books and legend over many centuries. Their important place in human history is recorded faithfully in this colourful publication which will appeal to anyone who shares Solly Zuckerman's fascination with our closest of animal relatives. Colour paintings, black and white drawings, 150pp. 1998

    Hardback £50.00 Buy Now
  • Primates of the World
    Primates of the World by Jean-Jaques Petter

    This stunningly illustrated guide to the world's primates covers nearly 300 species, from the feather-light and solitary pygmy mouse lemurs of Madagascar - among the smallest primates known to exist - to the regal mountain gorillas of Africa. Organized by region and spanning every family of primates on Earth.

    Hardback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Whales, Dolphins & Seals: A Field Guide to the Marine Mammals of the World
    Whales, Dolphins & Seals: A Field Guide… by Hadoram Shirihai, Brett Jarrett

    Field guide to every species of cetacean, pinniped and sirenian in the world, along with Marine and Sea Otters and the Polar Bear. Every species illustrated with colour paintings and photographs to illustrate key field marks to separate each species in the field.

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • Great Ape Odyssey
    Great Ape Odyssey by Ammann, Karl et al.

    Explores each of the apes - gorillas, chimpanzees (including bonobos) and orangutans, interpreting the latest research and describes relationships among the different species, all in the context of the mounting threat of extinction. Colour close up photographs illustrate the behaviours of these intriguing, humanlike animals. The result is a compelling overview of what we have learned about these fascinating creatures and, in turn, what they can teach us about ourselves.

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • Otters: Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation
    Otters: Ecology, Behaviour and… by Hans Kruut

    This titles personal style and generously illustrated text will appeal to amateurs and professionals alike. It emphasises recent research and conservation management initiatives for all 13 species of otter worldwide.

    Paperback £46.99 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Mammals of the World: Volume 1 Carnivores
    Handbook of the Mammals of the World:… -

    The first volume in the series deals with the following families: African Palm Civet; Cats; Linsangs; Civets, Genets and Oyans; Hyenas; Mongooses; Euplerids; Dogs; Bears; Red Panda; Racoons; Skunks; Weasels, Martens, Polecats, Badgers and Otters.

    Hardback £134.99 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Mammals of the World: Volume 2 Hoofed Mammals
    Handbook of the Mammals of the World:… -

    The species accounts supply complete and up-to-date information on hoofed mammals at a time when new and increasingly sophisticated methods of DNA analysis is reshaping our knowledge of these species; to give just one example, the bovidae family has almost doubled its size in the last five years, to the 279 distinct species known today. 664 colour photographs, 56 colour plates, distribution maps.

    Hardback £134.99 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Mammals of the World; Volume 3 Primates
    Handbook of the Mammals of the World;… -

    This, the third volume of HMW, counts more than 470 mammal species: 138 species of prosimians - the lemurs, lorises, pottos and tarsiers in Africa and Asia; 157 species of monkeys in the New World; another 158 monkeys in the Old World; and 25 apes, 19 of them gibbons along with six chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans.

    Hardback £134.99 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Mammals of the World; Volume 4; Sea Mammals
    Handbook of the Mammals of the World;… -

    This is the fourth volume in the Handbook of the Mammals of the World series. The contents of this volume include: Manatees; Dugong; Earless Seals; Eared Seals; Walrus; South Asian Rover Dolphins; Baiji; Beaked Whales; Amazon River Dolphins; Franciscana; Ocean Dolphins; Beluga and Narwhal; Porpoises; Sperm Whale; Pygmy and Dwarf Sperm Whales; Right Whales; Pygmy Right Whales; Gray Whale and Rorquals.

    Hardback £134.99 Buy Now
  • A Field Guide to the CARNIVORES OF THE WORLD
    A Field Guide to the CARNIVORES OF THE… by Luke Hunter
    Comprehensive guide that profiles all 250 of the worlds terrestrial carnivore species. Detailed account for each species describing key identification characteristics, distribution and habitat, behaviour, feeding ecology, social patterns, life history statistics, conservation and the latest classification. Colour plates, line drawings, black and white illustrations, 240pp. 2011
    Hardback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Deer: The Animal Answer Guide
    Deer: The Animal Answer Guide by George A Feldhamer, William J McShea

    Did you know that elk and caribou are deer? Or that the earliest fossils of deer are 15 to 20 million years old? Have you ever wondered whether deer swim, play, or see colour? How do deer avoid predators and survive the winter? Do deer make good pets or carry contagious diseases? The authors answer these and other intriguing questions about members of the deer family Cervidae.

    Paperback £12.99 Buy Now
  • Squirrels of the World
    Squirrels of the World by Richard W Thorington Jr. et al.

    A comprehensive examination of all 285 species of squirrels worldwide. Reveal virtually every detail of the family Sciuridae, which includes ground squirrels, tree squirrels, flying squirrels, prairie dogs and chipmunks. Each species is described in a detailed account that includes distinguishing characteristics, ecology, natural history, conservation status, and current threats to its existence.

    Hardback £39.00 Buy Now
  • Marine Mammal Observer & Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook
    Marine Mammal Observer & Passive… -

    This is the ultimate instruction manual for mitigation measures to minimise man-made acoustical and physical disturbances to marine mammals from industrial and defence activities. Based on more than two decades of offshore experience, and a decade of supplying MMO (Marine Mammal Observer) and PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring) services, both commercial and scientific, the Handbook is a long-overdue reference guide that seeks to improve standards worldwide for marine operations such as seismic and drilling exploration, wind farm piling, civil engineering, dredging, rock-dumping, and hydrographical surveys. By popular request, this manual will also form an accompaniment to MMO and PAM courses.


    Paperback £39.99 Buy Now
    RADIO TRACKING AND ANIMAL POPULATIONS by Joshua Millspaugh, John Marzluff
    Radio transmitters are now a routine tool of animal ecology and wildlife biology. This titles encompasses various aspects of animal ecology that may be evaluated using radiotelemetry equipment and technology to analyse animal movement, resource selection and demographics. 474pp. 2001
    Hardback £46.95 Buy Now
  • BATS IN QUESTION: The Smithsonian Answer Book
    BATS IN QUESTION: The Smithsonian… by Don E Wilson, M D Tuttle
    Seeking to dispel the myths associated with these most misunderstood mammals, this book covers all aspects of bat biology in a practical question & answer format. If you need to know how bats live, how they navigate or even why they hang upside down then you will find all the answers in this book. Colour photos, 192pp, 1997
    Paperback £22.50 Buy Now
    GREAT APE SOCIETIES by McGrew W.C. (ed) et al
    The great apes show a surprising diversity of adaptations, particularly in social life. This book provides comprehensive up-to-date syntheses of work on chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas & orangutans drawing on international fieldwork, zoo & laboratory studies. Half-tones, line diagrams, 384pp, 1996
    Paperback £30.00 Buy Now
    ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAMMALS 2ND EDITION by Dr Edwin Gould, Dr Gregory McKay
    A newly revised up-to-date & definitive publication containing thousands of facts from leading experts. Over 200 spectacular colour photos 150 illustrations diagrams & maps 250pp
    Hardback £24.95 Buy Now
    BIOLOGY OF BATS by Neuweiler, Gerhard, Covet Ellen (trans.)
    A general introduction suitable as a text for courses in the subject. The book presents a balanced coverage of the physiology, anatomy, behaviour, ecology and phylogeny of bats and documents what is currently known about this highly successful and popular order of mammals. Examples are taken from North American, European and neotropical species. Line drawings, 304pp. 1999
    Hardback £49.50 Buy Now
  • TAPIRS Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan
    TAPIRS Status Survey and Conservation… -
    Tapirs are important tropical forest seed dispersers but hunting & habitat destruction threaten all species to a greater or lesser degree. This report provides a brief natural history of each species with the intention of stimulating further research into this fascinating group of animals. B/w photographs drawings maps viii + 164pp 1997
    Paperback £16.50 Buy Now
  • Seals and Sea Lions of the World
    Seals and Sea Lions of the World by Nigel Bonner

    The author spent many years with the British Antarctic Survey and has made a life long study of these animals in the wild all over the world.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
    Written with undergraduate and post-graduate students in mind this handbook is intended as a guide for people who have little or no previous experience of primatological fieldwork. With the exception of gibbons working with apes is outside the scope of most expeditiions. Consequently techniques for studying great apes are not dealt with here. 130pp 1995
    Paperback £14.95 Buy Now
  • TIGERS OF THE WORLD The Biology, Biopolitics, Management and Conservation of an Endangered Species
    TIGERS OF THE WORLD The Biology,… by Tilson, R, Seal, U (eds)
    This symposium grew out of concern that tigers, with a global distribution extending from India across China to the Soviet Far East, and south through Peninsular Malaysia to Indonesia, are steadily declining in many parts of their range. The objective was to contribute to the development of a Global Tiger Survival Plan that would facilitate a multinational agreement for the sustained conservation of the world's remaining tigers, with the contents of this book designed to help encourage this process. Contains a number of papers presented at the symposium. 510pp. 1987.
    Hardback £51.00 Buy Now
  • Primate Conservation Biology
    Primate Conservation Biology by Cowlishaw, Guy, Dunbar, Robin

    Begins with a detailed overview of the diversity, life history, ecology and behaviour of primates and how these factors influence primate abundance and distribution. Goes on to discuss factors that put primates at the greatest risk of extinction and then presents a comprehensive review of conservation stategies and management practices to highlight the key issues that must be addressed to protect primates for the future.

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now
    MAMMALS OF THE WORLD: A Checklist by Andrew Duff, Ann Lawson
    The authors have undertaken an exhaustive analysis of the literature in this rapidly changing field, incorporating the very latest advances in taxonomy and including all newly described species - from cetaceans to insectivores. The result is the most up to date fully researched list and exceeds 5,000 species. English and scientific names and brief summary of every species, 312pp. 2004
    Hardback £24.99 Buy Now
    MAMMAL -
    Gives an unparalleled insight into the lives of this most fascinating of animal groups. Understand their typical bwhaviour, their methods of survival and their engaging quirks, from dam building American Beavers to babysitting elephants and predator - prey relationships to courtship and mate selection. Colour photographs, 216pp. 2004
    Hardback £16.99 Buy Now

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