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Botany (Britain & Europe)

  • A Pocket Guide to the Orchids of Britain and Ireland
    A Pocket Guide to the Orchids of… by Harris, Stephen

    The orchid family is one of the largest plant families in the world, reaching its highest diversity in the tropics where their exotic and colourful flowers are often truly breathtaking. Britain and Ireland have just 56 species of wild orchid, some of which are rare or scarce, whilst others are surprisingly inconspicuous. Yet, whether large or small, all orchids share flamboyant flower structures and incredible beauty.This pocket guide allows the identification of all species of orchid in the British Isles. It has concise text highlighting ID criteria as well as notes on biology, habitat and conservation, along with stunning colour photographs and accurate range maps based on maps compiled by the Biological Record Centre. This book provides the perfect guide to these beautiful and evocative plants, and is a must for any field naturalist.

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  • Field Guide to the Mushrooms of Britain and Europe
    Field Guide to the Mushrooms of Britain… by Alison Linton

    There is huge and growing interest in the fascinating world of fungi. This field guide is aimed specifically towards the many beginners to the subject of mushrooms, although it is also suitable for those with a little more knowledge.

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  • The Wonderous World of Weeds
    The Wonderous World of Weeds by Pat Collins

    The Wonderous World of Weeds will feature 100 common world-wide week, and each plant will include : A full description and identification together with a photograph; distribution, where they typically grow; a list of their common names; what uses they have; what medicinal value they have; when to harvest them; recipes - whether it be culinary, medicinal, or both.

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  • Mountain Flowers
    Mountain Flowers by Michael Scott

    Lavishly illustrated, Mountain Flowers has much to offer wild flower enthusiasts and botanists, including detailed profiles of over 150 of the plants most characteristic of our montane regions. It will prove an indispensable companion for hillwalkers and climbers wanting to learn more about the enigmatic species that are such an intrinsic part of the British mountain landscape. Featuring over 150 mountain plants, with 20 extended profiles for the most enigmatic species. Illustrated with over 340 colour photographs of plants and their spectacular habitats.

    Hardback £35.00 Buy Now
  • A Naturalist's Guide to the Trees of Great Britain and Northern Europe
    A Naturalist's Guide to the Trees of… by Andrew Cleave

    This easy-to-use identification guide to the 280 tree species most commonly seen in Britain and northern Europe is perfect for amateur naturalists. High quality photographs from Britain's top nature photographers are accompanied by detailed species descriptions, which include common and scientific name, height, distribution and habitat. The user-friendly introduction covers the different habitats, a definition of what is a tree and how to identify the species, as well as a glossary.

    Paperback £8.99 Buy Now
  • A Naturalist's Guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain & Northern Europe
    A Naturalist's Guide to the Wild… by Andrew Cleave

    Entry-level photographic identification guide to the commoner wild flowers of Britain and Northern Europe, featuring 280 species that the amateur naturalist might expect to see in the field or garden. The user-friendly introduction covers habitats, flower structure, identification, wild flower names, a glossary of botanical and habitat terms, and conservation, in a way that doesn't assume prior knowledge of the subject. It includes a list of useful addresses and contacts. Protective plastic dust cover for durability in the field.

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  • Collins Wild Flower Guide: The Most Complete Guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland
    Collins Wild Flower Guide: The Most… by David Streeter

    Featuring all flowering plants, including trees and grasses, and ferns, this fully revised and updated field guide to the wild flowers of Britain and northern Europe is the most complete illustrated, single-volume guide ever published. The text offers a complete account of over 1,900 wild flowers of Britain and Ireland, along with a summary of their European distribution. Collins Wild Flower Guide is an indispensable guide for all those with an interest in the countryside, whether amateur or expert.

    Paperback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Green Guide to Herbs of Britain and Europe
    Green Guide to Herbs of Britain and… by Bob Press

    This compact, easy-to-use pocket-size guide is aimed at both the general reader and the amateur naturalist. Presenting 150 of the best known and most commonly used herbs, this book can be used for both home reference and as a companion in the field. The extensive introduction contains helpful advice on growing, collecting, harvesting and storing herbs, as well as explaining how to use them safely. A section on the history of herbalism and a glossary are also included. Each species is described in detail with information on where it can be found along with its different uses, accompanied by a full colour illustration to aid identification in the field.

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  • Orchid: a Cultural History
    Orchid: a Cultural History by Jim Endersby

    At once delicate, exotic, and elegant, orchids are beloved for their singular, instantly recognizable beauty. Found in nearly every climate, the many species of orchids have carried symbolic weight in countless cultures over time. The ancient Greeks associated them with fertility and thought that a parent who ingested the orchid root could determine the gender of a child. As Endersby shows, orchids – perhaps because of their extraordinarily diverse colors, shapes, and sizes – have also bloomed repeatedly in films, novels, plays, and poems, from Shakespeare to science fiction, from hard-boiled thrillers to elaborate modernist novels. Featuring many gorgeous illustrations from the collection of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Orchid: A Cultural History tells, for the first time, the extraordinary story of orchids and our prolific interest in them. It is a tale sure to enchant not only gardeners and plant collectors, but anyone curious about the flower.

    Hardback £29.99 Buy Now
  • Guide to Ancient Woodland Indicator Plants
    Guide to Ancient Woodland Indicator… -

    Ancient woodlands have been around for centuries. In the UK they date back to medieval times, and have developed ecosystems that are rich, complex and irreplaceable. They are also a delight to visit, often with spectacular carpets of spring flowers. Dating woodlands is not straightforward but some plants can indicate that a site has been wooded for a considerable length of time. Guide to Ancient Woodland Indicator Plants, produced with the Woodland Trust, provides an introduction to these indicator plants.

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  • Guide to Foraging: Top 25 Edible Plants25% OFF
    Guide to Foraging: Top 25 Edible Plants by Clare Cremona

    What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to go and find your own food for free? This is an essential resource to take on a family walk or for Forest Schools. The guide covers the top 25 most common and tasty plants that can be found from just outside your front door. Beautiful colour illustrations by Lizzie Harper, as well as a detailed identification table, will give you confidence in identifying which species to eat.

    Paperback £2.25 RRP: £3.00Buy Now
  • Green Guide to Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe
    Green Guide to Mushrooms and Toadstools… by Gordon Dickson

    Please note, this is a reissue of Green Guide: Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe, formerly on the natural history list of New Holland publishers. Bloomsbury Green Guides are portable handbooks to the most commonly found species in Britain and Europe. A huge array of mushrooms and toadstools grow in our woodlands and fields, from the deadly poisonous to the delicious delicacy, and correct identification is crucial. The Green Guide to Mushrooms and Toadstools makes identifying them easy for beginners and amateur naturalists alike. Concise descriptions include information on appearance, habitat and distribution and advice on whether or not the species is edible. Beautiful colour illustrations of all 150 species are included. A detailed introduction includes colour photographs and information on classes of fungi, poisonous fungi and how to go about identifying species.


    PAPERBACK £6.99 Buy Now

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