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Insects and Invertebrates

Everything for the amateur or serious entomologist. From colourful visual Identification charts to titles devoted to specific families of Lepidoptera and Microlepidoptera. Atlases on ground beetles, a title on the habits and lifestyles of earthworms and a title on moth traps and how to use them. Illustrated guides and photographic guides to help you discover these fascinating creatures that share our world.

  • The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies
    The National Audubon Society Field… by Robert Michael Pyle

    Descriptions of 600 species with notes on a further 70 species. 924pp. Reprinted 2008

    Paperback £16.00 Buy Now
  • Amazing Insects
    Amazing Insects by Jean-Claude Teyessier

    This sophisticated photo anthology chronicles the behaviour of European invertebrates in their natural habitats over the course of three seasons, Gives the reader a glimpse into the world of our six and eight legged neighbours as they hunt, mate and survive. Colour photographs, 192pp. 2009

    Hardback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Key to the Identification of British Centipedes
    Key to the Identification of British… by A D Barber

    Centipedes are some of the commonest larger arthropods and are found in a range of habitats from our sheds and gardens to woodlands, moorland and coast. Enables identification of the 57 species found in Britain including 7 species known only from greenhouses. Black and white illustrations, 96pp. 2008

    Paperback £8.50 Buy Now
  • Woodlice and Waterlice (Isopoda: Oniscidea & Asellota) in Britain and Ireland22% OFF
    Woodlice and Waterlice (Isopoda:… by Steve Gregory

    This atlas is a comprehensive synthesis of the information available on Isopods. The results are presented as distribution maps with species accounts which provide details of identification and particularly key features for separating similar species. Distribution maps, colour photographs, 176pp. 2009

    Paperback £15.50 RRP: £19.95Buy Now
  • My First Book of Garden Bugs
    My First Book of Garden Bugs by Mike Unwin

    This book uses a fun question-and-answer format to help young readers discover 20 common garden bugs. Beautiful illustrations bring a new creature to life on every page.


    Hardback £6.99 Buy Now
  • Moths of Great Britain and Ireland: A Field Guide to All the Macromoths
    Moths of Great Britain and Ireland: A… by Sean Clancy et al.

    Contains all the 874 species of macromoth to have occured naturally in Britain and Ireland. They are listed in a new systematic order and classified using the most recent hierachy and nomenclature that have now been widely accepted and adopted thoughout mainland Europe. Colour photographs and plates, 640pp. 2012

    Paperback £54.00 Buy Now
  • Aphids on Deciduous Trees (Naturalists' Handbook No. 29)
    Aphids on Deciduous Trees (Naturalists'… by Tony Dixon, Thomas Thieme

    Deals with identification, biology and ecology of these herbivorous insects. Also discusses their impact on the trees, natural enemies, abundance, sex and distribution and global warming.

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • British Butterfly Guide (Collins Pocket Guide)
    British Butterfly Guide (Collins Pocket… by Tom Tolman

    Species are described and illustrated on the same page, with up-to-date authoritative text aiding identification. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, 2015



    Paperback £12.99 Info
  • And After That He Ate Them! (Hardback)
    And After That He Ate Them! (Hardback) by Leon Hills

    This book allows children to discover the names of different creepy crawlies as they join the frog in his minibeast feeding frenzy!

    Hardback £7.50 Buy Now
  • British Damselflies
    British Damselflies by Graham Sherwin

    A DVD guide to the all of the breeding and vagrant species damselflies of Britain and Ireland (20 in total), with an introduction to both dragonflies and damselflies which describes their anatomy, life cycle and behaviour. Descriptions of all our mainland breeding, migrant and vagrant damselfly species follow and two potential visitors are included as well. Approx 150 mins

    DVD £18.50 Buy Now
  • Dragonflies (New Naturalist)
    Dragonflies (New Naturalist) by Philip Corbet, Stephen Brooks

    In this new volume, Corbet has teamed up with Stephen Brooks offering a fascinating new outlook on the natural history of dragonflies. Combining their knowledge and experience to help illuminate the relevance of dragonfly species, placing them in a broader ecological perspective. Colour photographs, distribution maps, graphs, 454pp. 2008

    Hardback £45.00 Buy Now
  • Beekeeping for Beginners: An Essential Guide for Budding Beekeepers
    Beekeeping for Beginners: An Essential… by James Dearsley

    This DVD is based at a very basic level to promote beekeeping to beginner beekeepers or even those with only a vague interest who just want to know a little bit more about the topic and use it as a platform to join a local association and take up the hobby. Approximately 120 mins

    DVD £19.99 Buy Now
  • British Dragonflies
    British Dragonflies by Graham Sherwin

    This DVD describes all the breeding and more frequent vagrant species of dragonflies on mainland Britain and Ireland (just over 30 species). Each is described with attention drawn to distribution, habitat, flight season, breeding behaviour and of course, identification and distinguishing features of immature dragonflies as well as adults. 166mins

    DVD £18.50 Buy Now
  • And After That He Ate Them! (Paperback)
    And After That He Ate Them! (Paperback) by Leon Hills

    This book allows children to discover the names of different creepy crawlies as they join the frog in his minibeast feeding frenzy!

    Paperback £6.00 Buy Now
  • How Very, Very Nice!
    How Very, Very Nice! by Leon Hills

    Find out about the creatues that the frog feeds on and find the woodlouse, worm, ladybird and ant on each page.

    Paperback £4.50 Buy Now
  • An Introduction to Centipedes, Millipedes & Woodlice
    An Introduction to Centipedes,… by Paul Richards

    The three guides that are presented here have been written to raise the profile of some of the crawling things, teach a little biology and equip the reader to do the same. They are intended as a resource to propagate study of the important, but little noticed, Myriapods and Isopods (Centipedes, Millipedes and Woodlice). They offer introductory keys, natural histories and a rich library of images for individual or group study. 2011


    Please check carefully that this software will be compatible with your computer's operating system.

    CD-ROM £12.00 Buy Now
  • A Naturalist's Guide to the Butterflies of  Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand
    A Naturalist's Guide to the Butterflies… by Laurence G Kirton

    An easy-to-use identification guide to the 280 butterfly species most commonly seen in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Detailed species descriptions include nomenclature, size, distribution, habits and habitat. Illustration type: Colour photographs, 176pp. 2014

    Paperback £11.99 Info
  • Gardens: Their Hidden Life
    Gardens: Their Hidden Life by Colin Spedding

    by Colin Spedding

    Comprehensive and thoughtful analysis of the wildlife to be found right outside our back door. Gardens are most people's main opportunity to see an ecosystem at work. Even the smallest space contains a collection of both wild animals and plants. Yet we are often oblivious of the sheer richness of experience that our gardens can provide. Most of us do not expect to see anything they haven't built or planted.

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • British Soldierflies and their Allies
    British Soldierflies and their Allies by Alan Stubbs, Martin Drake

    Being revised and reprinted. Due Spring 2014

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Insects of the World
    Insects of the World by Anthony Wootton

    Explains classification & describes anatomy life-cycles diversity & reproduction of all main insect groups. Colour & b/w photographs & drawings map 224pp 1993

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • The Scientific Names of the British Lepidoptera - Their History and Meaning
    The Scientific Names of the British… by A Maitland Emmet

    Notes on nomenclature, classification, conventions, terms and abbreviations are followed by a history of the scientific names of Lepidoptera. The meanings of over 3,000 names are the people commemorated in the species names plus geographical and unresolved names. Black and white illustrations, 288pp. 1990

    Paperback £29.95 Buy Now
  • RSPB Gardening for Wildlife
    RSPB Gardening for Wildlife by Adrian Thomas

    This book busts the myths that wildlife gardens have to be wild, or that you can only garden for wildlife in a 'wildlife garden'. It shows how easy it is to incorporate wildlife gardening alongside everything else you want from your garden.

    Hardback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Britain's Day-Flying Moths: A Field Guide to the Day-Flying Moths of Britain and Ireland
    Britain's Day-Flying Moths: A Field… by David Newland et al.

    This concise guide will help you identify approximately 100 day flying moths. Describes each moth with details of its life history, where and when to look for it, its status, the food plants of its caterpillars and its special features. Illustration type: Colour photographs, maps, 160pp. 2013

    Paperback £17.95 Buy Now
  • The Natural History Book; The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth
    The Natural History Book; The Ultimate… by DK Publishing, Foreword by Cristian Samper

    A complete survey of the Earth's natural history. Each geological and biological grouping is introduced and explained in an engaging and highly informative way. From granites to grape vines, from microbes to mammals, this is a true visual dictionary of every kingdom of life. Colour photographs, 648pp. 2010

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Provisional Atlas of the Insects of the British Isles, Part 4: Siphonaptera Fleas
    Provisional Atlas of the Insects of the… by R S George

    72pp 1974

    Paperback £2.00 Buy Now

    8 colour plates, b/w photographs, drawings, keys to winged & aquatic insects. 260pp. 1980

    Paperback £8.50 Buy Now
  • A Key to the Major Groups of British Freshwater Invertebrates30% OFF
    A Key to the Major Groups of British… by Paul Croft

    Enables beginners to identify living animals encountered during the course of field studies. The key covers the invertebrates found in all types of freshwater - pools, lakes, streams and rivers. B/w illustrations, 60pp. 2012 reprint

    Paperback £5.60 RRP: £8.00Buy Now
  • Harvestmen (Synopsis of the British Fauna Series, Volume 4)
    Harvestmen (Synopsis of the British… by P D Hillyard

    Provides keys and detailed accounts of all 25 species of harvestmen known from the wild in the UK. This third edition incorporates distribution maps prepared at the Biological Records Centre, in April and May 2005. B/w drawings, distribution maps, 119pp, 3rd edition 2005

    Paperback £29.00 Buy Now
  • Field Guide to the Insects of Britain and Northern Europe
    Field Guide to the Insects of Britain… by Michael Chinery

    Updated edition of a standard work which has long been recognised as the best general introduction to insects for the layman. It is also the recommended work for first-year students. Colour illustrations, black and white drawings, 448pp. 3rd edition 1993

    Hardback £29.99 Buy Now
  • Moths of Europe, Volume 2: Geometrid Moths
    Moths of Europe, Volume 2: Geometrid… by Patrice Leraut

    This 2nd volume in a series of 4 covers Geometrid moths. 2800 illustrations on 158 colour plates, line drawings, 800pp. 2009

    Hardback £79.00 Buy Now
  • Habitat Management for Invertebrates: A Practical Handbook
    Habitat Management for Invertebrates: A… by Peter Kirby

    It is vitally important that a site is managed in the interests of all its inhabitants, both plant & animal but rarely is sufficient attention paid to the needs of the invertebrates. This book provides guidelines for reserve managers to assist them in taking account of the particular habitat requirements without actually knowing which species are present. B/w drawings. 150pp. 2001 edition

    Paperback £29.99 Buy Now
  • Garden Creepy-Crawlies
    Garden Creepy-Crawlies by Michael Chinery

    Packed with facts about the miniature world in our garden. 140 black and white drawings, 172pp. 2003 reprint

    Hardback £11.99 Buy Now
  • Dragonflies and Damselflies of Hertfordshire28% OFF
    Dragonflies and Damselflies of… by Alan Reynolds et al.

    Includes all 19 species breeding in the county and all rare migrants recorded since 1975. Information on the top 10 sites in Hertfordshire. History of all species recorded in Hertfordshire from 1835-2006. Colour photographs, distribution maps and flight charts based on results of the 6 year countrywide survey carried out by volunteers. 142pp. 2008

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £14.00Buy Now
  • Pollination with Mason Bees: A Gardener's Guide to Managing Mason Bees for Fruit Production
    Pollination with Mason Bees: A… by Dr Margriet Dogterom

    Provides a step by step guide to looking after mason bees, advise on choosing the most suitable nest site for your garden and how to interperate the bee's behaviour at the nest. Black and white line drawings, 80pp. 2005 reprint

    Paperback £9.95 Buy Now
  • The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland
    The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland by Jeremy Thomas

    This completely revised edition brings this classic work up to date, with all the species accounts substantially revised to reflect the latest information and research. Richard Lewington has also painted nearly 100 new artworks. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, 288pp. Revised edition 2014

    Paperback £18.95 Buy Now
  • Britain's Dragonflies
    Britain's Dragonflies by Dave Smallshire, Andy Swash

    The text covers the key identification features of each species and includes information on status, distribution, habitat preferences, population and conservation. Covers the 57 recorded species and 10 potential vagrants. Colour plates depicting males, females, immatures and other forms.

    Paperback £17.99 Buy Now
  • The Dragonflies of Sussex: A Guide to Their Distribution and Conservation
    The Dragonflies of Sussex: A Guide to… by P A Belden et al.

    Due to its southerly position and proximity to continental Europe, Sussex is one of Britain's richest counties for dragonflies. The first aim of this title is to summarise what we know about the distribution of dragonflies in Sussex and to further the conservation of where they live. The second aim is to encourage readers to go looking for dragonflies, to record them, and to submit your observations so that gaps in the maps can be filled. Colour photographs, distribution maps, 81pp. Revised edition 2005

    Paperback £10.00 Buy Now
  • A Pocket Guide to the Shieldbugs and Leatherbugs of Britain and Ireland
    A Pocket Guide to the Shieldbugs and… by Bryan J Pichen

    A quick and easy to use identification guide with all 46 species illustrated in full colour. Colour and b/w illustrations, 116pp. 2009

    Paperback £8.50 Buy Now
  • The Bee: A Natural History
    The Bee: A Natural History by Noah Wilson-Rich

    Eyes with more than 6,000 separate lenses, bodies so hairy that they attract pollen by static, the ability to communicate by dancing. Bee stats are endlessly engrossing, and without the bees to pollinate them, most of our crops would be dead in the field. So how did this furry little workaholic come to be so crucial to the planet?. This title answers that question and many more.

    Illustration type: Colour illustrations, Colour photographs, 250pp. 2014

    DUE AUGUST 2014

    Hardback £19.99 Buy Now
  • A Guide to the Spiders of Australia
    A Guide to the Spiders of Australia by Volker Framenau et al.

    This definitive guide to the subject, written by three experts in the field, offers a window into a fascinating world. Notorious species such as the Redback and the Sydney Funnel-web sit alongside less well known but equally intriguing spiders such as the ant-mimics and net-casting spiders.

    Paperback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Keys to the Families of British Spiders
    Keys to the Families of British Spiders by L M Jones-Walters

    Covers all 34 families known to occur in Britain. Line drawings, tables, 78pp. 1989

    Paperback £8.00 Buy Now
  • Butterflies of the Cayman Islands
    Butterflies of the Cayman Islands by R R Askew, P A van B Stafford

    Written to enable residents and visitors to identify the butterflies, both 'true' butterflies and Skippers. Covers all three islands. Checklist of butterflies Colour photographs and plates, maps, figures, 169pp. 2008

    Hardback £47.50 Buy Now
  • Provisional Atlas of the Larger Brachycera (Diptera) of Britain and Ireland
    Provisional Atlas of the Larger… by Drake

    131pp 1991 ITE

    Paperback £7.50 Buy Now
  • Concise Butterfly & Moth Guide
    Concise Butterfly & Moth Guide -

    This beautifully illustrated mini field guide is packed with information on the butterflies and moths of Britain and the near Continent. It covers more than 150 species, all of which are illustrated with superb full-colour artworks that show, where relevant, variations in colour, for example for male and female butterflies, as well as some of the most spectacular caterpillars.

    Paperback £5.99 Buy Now
  • Ladybirds (Naturalists' Handbook No. 10)
    Ladybirds (Naturalists' Handbook No. 10) by Helen E Roy et al.

    Revised and updated edition of the 1989 edition by Majerus and Kearns. Succinct but comprehensive overview of the biology of ladybirds and their parasites, focusing on ecology in an evolutionary context. 2nd edition.

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland
    Field Guide to the Moths of Great… by Paul Waring, Martin Townsend

    Comprehensive text for each species including field characters, similar species, flight season, life cycle, larval food plants, habitat, status and distribution. Detailed colour artwork of over 880 species, showing moths in their natural resting postures by Richard Lewington. 432pp. 2003

    Paperback £29.95 Buy Now
  • Name That Insect: A Guide to the Insects of Southeastern Australia
    Name That Insect: A Guide to the… by T R New

    Contains extensive notes on the structure identification & biology of all the insect orders found in the region. B/w illustrations 194pp 1996

    Paperback £20.99 Buy Now
  • Colour Identification Guide to Caterpillars of the British Isles
    Colour Identification Guide to… by Jim Porter

    This comprehensive guide illustrates the caterpillars of over 850 species of British butterflies and macro-moths. The caterpillars are all photographed on their relative foodplants and include varieties indigenous to continental Europe. The text deals with larvae description, foodplants and habits. Colour plates, indices to scientific names of foodplants, scientific Lepidoptera names and English Lepidoptera names, 275pp. 2010 reprint

    Hardback £83.00 Buy Now
  • Butterflies of South America
    Butterflies of South America by Bernard d'Abrera

    There are some 18,000 to 20,000 butterfly species known in the world of which about half occur in the neotropical region. The 700 or so species illustrated in this book represent the most often encountered or the most colourful. The area covered encompasses all latitudes and altitudes of South America, 255pp. 1984

    Paperback £19.95 Buy Now
  • Provisional Atlas of the Ticks (Ixodoidea) of the British Isles
    Provisional Atlas of the Ticks… by K P Martyn

    62pp 1988

    Paperback £4.50 Buy Now
  • The Butterflies of Essex
    The Butterflies of Essex by Corke, David

    This book is the result of an intensive survey of the county and includes a status report on all 1,800 species of moths and butterflies ever recorded. Distribution maps, flight-time charts and conservation details of every butterfly species found in Essex are included. 52 full-colour photographs, 232pp. 1997

    Hardback £18.50 Buy Now
  • Key to Identifying Common Butterflies
    Key to Identifying Common Butterflies by Lyn Merrick

    A3 key to help you identify some of the common British butterflies

    - £2.95 Buy Now
  • The Earth Dwellers: Adventures in the Land of Ants
    The Earth Dwellers: Adventures in the… by Hoyt, Erich

    An enthralling ant's-eye view of life in the nature reserve of La Selva in Costa Rica. The author describes the lives of individual Leafcutter Swarm Raider & Bala (Bullet) Ants allowing them to lead us into their vivid & complex world. He alternates their stories with the adventures of Edward O. Wilson & William L. Brown as they identify new species of ants & pursue their quest for the rare Miracle Ant in the tropical jungles of Central America. B/w illustrations 319pp 1998 edition

    Hardback £15.99 Buy Now
  • Sphingidae - Noctuidae  (The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland - Volume 9, Part 1)
    Sphingidae - Noctuidae (The Moths and… -

    The ninth volume in this major series of eleven on the whole of the British Lepidoptera. Covers several important families covered by specialist authors. Chapter on the little known subject of Eversible Structures by Professor M C Birch. Systematic section, specially prepared maps to show incidence of migrant species. Colour plates. 288pp. 1983

    Hardback £95.00 Buy Now
  • The Dragonflies of Eastern Mugla Province Southwest Turkey
    The Dragonflies of Eastern Mugla… by Paul Hope

    The area of research is centred around Fethiye, situated on the Mediterranean coast, extending to Gokova in the west and Patara in the east. Patara is in Antalya province, the rivers Esen and Karacay forming the border but included du to its closness. Intended for those who have an interest in dragonflies and would like to know more about them but without going into too much technical detail and also for the expert as a guide book on where to find the various species in the province. Distribution maps, colour photographs, 232pp. 2007

    Paperback £13.99 Buy Now
  • A Buzz in the Meadow
    A Buzz in the Meadow by Dave Goulson

    The author tells the story of how he bought a derelict farm in the heart of rural France, together with 33 acres of surrounding meadow and how, over a decade, he has created a place for his beloved bumblebees to thrive. But other creatures live there too, a myriad of insects of every kind, many of them ones that Goulson has studied before in his career as a biologist.

    Hardback £16.99 Buy Now
  • The Moths of Essex
    The Moths of Essex -

    Includes all species of both macros and micros. B/w photographs, Distribution maps, flight-time graphs. 362pp 2004

    Paperback £19.75 Buy Now
  • Golf Course Management for the Benefit of Butterflies and Moths
    Golf Course Management for the Benefit… by Brian Cornelius, Emma Gardner

    Outlines butterfly and moth needs, suitable habitats and the management of these areas. Includes identification of our regularly seen butterfly species, some day flying moths and species life cycles. Colour photographs, 40pp. 2007

    Paperback £5.95 Buy Now
  • Moths of Europe, Volume 1: Saturnids, Lasiocampids, Hawkmoths, Tiger Moths
    Moths of Europe, Volume 1: Saturnids,… by Patrice Leraut

    This 1st volume in a series of 4 covers 500 moths in the genera Saturnids, Lasiocampids, Hawkmoths, Tiger Moths etc. 78 colour plates. 396pp. 2006

    Hardback £75.00 Buy Now

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