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If mammals are your passion, our selection of titles on the world

  • EAST AFRICAN MAMMALS: An Atlas of Evolution in Africa Volume IIIC - Bovids
    EAST AFRICAN MAMMALS: An Atlas of… by Jonathan Kingdon
    Colour & b/w drawings, 394pp. 1989
    Paperback £36.50 Buy Now
  • SEASONS OF THE WHALE: Riding the Currents of the North Atlantic
    SEASONS OF THE WHALE: Riding the… by Hoyt, Erich
    Paperback £11.99 Buy Now
  • CARIBOU: Wanderer of the Tundra
    CARIBOU: Wanderer of the Tundra by Robin Walker
    With stunning photographs the author follows the perpetual motion of the caribou gaining distinctive insights as bulls cows and calves in singles and in herds move across the Northern landscape. Text illuminates the life cycle of the caribou and relationships with man are explored particularly the longstanding Native American connections. 80 colour photographs 80pp. 2000
    Paperback £16.50 Buy Now
    THE SECRET LIFE OF TIGERS by Thapar, Valmik
    The book documents the family life of three tigresses & their cubs from soon after birth to their adulthood. This account records for the first time the active role played by the male as a father. 16 colour illustrations, map, 192pp. 1999
    Hardback £10.99 Buy Now
  • Seals and Sea Lions of the World
    Seals and Sea Lions of the World by Nigel Bonner

    The author spent many years with the British Antarctic Survey and has made a life long study of these animals in the wild all over the world.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Primate Conservation Biology
    Primate Conservation Biology by Cowlishaw, Guy, Dunbar, Robin

    Begins with a detailed overview of the diversity, life history, ecology and behaviour of primates and how these factors influence primate abundance and distribution. Goes on to discuss factors that put primates at the greatest risk of extinction and then presents a comprehensive review of conservation stategies and management practices to highlight the key issues that must be addressed to protect primates for the future.

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now
  • Social Calls of the Bats of Britain and Ireland
    Social Calls of the Bats of Britain and… by Neil Middleton et al.

    The authors start with an overview of the species of bats in Britain and Ireland, and then introduce us to communication within the social world of bats. Referencing the latest research, the authors explore how these calls can be classified according to their structure, and in many cases the context in which the calls are thought to be emitted, and addresses aspects of survey methodology to be considered by those studying social calls.

    Paperback £31.99 Buy Now
  • The Kingdon Pocket Guide to African Mammals
    The Kingdon Pocket Guide to African… -

    Originally published in 2004, the Kingdon Pocket Guide to African Mammals quickly became the field guide of choice to take on African safaris. This is a completely revised second edition of this popular guide. The information and taxonomy have been updated to follow the newly published second edition of the Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals (2015), and this new edition of the pocket guide contains several new species and illustrations. The maps have been completely replaced and there are now 200 more maps than in the original edition.

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now
  • Wild Cats of the World
    Wild Cats of the World by Luke Hunter

    From the rabbit-sized Black-footed Cat of southern Africa to bear-killing Amur tigers of the Russian Far East, the 38 members of the Cat Family include some of the world's most fascinating and magnificent species on earth. Supremely adapted for the kill, all cats are obligate carnivores; they survive only by preying upon other animals, and they have become one of evolution's most successful predatory lineages of mammals. Wild Cats of the World explores the spectacular Cat Family in unprecedented depth. Drawing on thousands of scientific papers and direct observations in the field, each species is profiled at length, covering all aspects of felid behaviour and ecology.

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • The Bats of Britain and Ireland
    The Bats of Britain and Ireland by H W Schofield, A J Mitchell-Jones

    This is an excellent little introduction and identification guide to 14 species of bat found throughout Britain and Ireland. Each species description covers roosts, food & feeding, breeding, status & distribution, and identification. Similar species are listed alongside each other. The fifth edition features a redesigned style and updates the distribution maps for some of the species.

    Paperback £10.25 Buy Now
  • Bats of Britain and Europe
    Bats of Britain and Europe by Christian Dietz, Andreas Kiefer

    A comprehensive guide to the 45 bat species that occur across Britain and Europe, based on recent taxonomic advances and species newly described over the last few years.

    Paperback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Mammals of the World Volume 6 Lagomorphs and Rodents
    Handbook of the Mammals of the World… by Russell A Mittermeier et al

    Rats and mice and their relatives in the order Rodentia make up almost half of the species of mammals. Because of this, we polled our readers and the overwhelming positive response was to produce two volumes treating Rodents. Volume 6 will include all of the families of rodents other than Cricetidae and Muridae, plus the order Lagomorpha, which includes rabbits and pikas. This radiation includes some 35 families, which have spread around the globe, occupying every continent except Antarctica, and countless islands in all major oceans.

    Hardback £134.99 Buy Now
  • Mark Carwardine's Guide to Whale Watching in Britain and Europe (Second Edition)
    Mark Carwardine's Guide to Whale… by Mark Carwardine

    Whales, dolphins and porpoises are among the world's most mysterious and beautiful animals, and there are many opportunities to see them in the seas around Europe. This comprehensive and authoritative guide covers everything you need to know about where, when and how to watch them.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • How to Find and Identify Mammals
    How to Find and Identify Mammals by Gillie Muir, Pat Morris

    Following the same format as the previous edition, this revised second edition of How to Find and Identify Mammals, now printed in A4 format, offers everyone an opportunity to acquire a solid grounding in mammal identification skills. It includes the same excellent illustrations of mammals, their tracks and signs, while incorporating survey methods using the latest techniques and technologies. Join us in the challenge of observing, recording and studying mammals with this invaluable field guide.


    Paperback £11.99 Buy Now
  • Polecats
    Polecats by Johnny Birks

    The polecat's recovery in Britain is one of the least celebrated wildlife success stories of recent times, probably because it has done it discreetly and all by itself with no active human involvement. Whilst our spirits have been lifted by the carefully managed reintroductions of red kites and sea eagles, the unfamiliar, nocturnal polecat has slipped back under the radar. Polecats aims to help us reconnect with the polecat as it repopulates the modern landscapes of Britain. Over several centuries our ancestors were so beastly to the polecat that we are fortunate today to be able to give it another chance: for this much-persecuted member of the weasel family has been spreading from its Welsh stronghold to recolonise its former range. It is time we got to know the polecat again; and we owe it a warmer welcome, or at least greater tolerance, second time around.

    After explaining how we so nearly lost the polecat, Dr. Birks tells the story of its recovery and describes efforts to understand polecat behaviour, including his own radio-tracking study in the muddy, rat-infested farmyards favoured by 'his' polecats. He unpicks the confusing relationship between polecats and ferrets, explores the challenges of studying a secretive, nocturnal mammal that leaves few distinctive signs, examines the role of wild rabbits as the perfect polecat prey and providers of polecat resting sites, and celebrates the contributions of amateur naturalists in collecting road casualties to monitor the polecat's changing distribution.

    The text is illustrated with drawings and cartoons by Antony Griffiths, and features a gallery of specially commissioned photographs by Richard Bowler.

    Hardback £14.99 Buy Now
  • Pocket Photo Guide to the Mammals of North Africa and the Middle East
    Pocket Photo Guide to the Mammals of… by Chris Stuart, Tilde Stuart

    This handy guide provides an introduction to more than 120 species of mammals found in North Africa and the Middle East.. The genuine pocket size allow Pocket Photo Guide to the Mammals of North Africa and the Middle East to be carried around on trips and excursions and will take up minimal rucksack and suitcase space.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Mammals of the World: Volumes 1-6
    Handbook of the Mammals of the World:… by Don E Wilson, Russell A Mittermeier

    This is a set of the first six volumes in the Handbook of the Mammals of the World Series. Handbook of the Mammals of the World, Volume 1: Carnivores deals with the following families: African Palm Civet; Cats; Linsangs; Civets, Genets and Oyans; Hyenas; Mongooses; Euplerids; Dogs; Bears; Red Panda; Racoons; Skunks; Weasels, Martens, Polecats, Badgers and Otters.

    Hardback £750.00 Info
  • The Bat Detective: A Field Guide to Bat Detection
    The Bat Detective: A Field Guide to Bat… by Brian Briggs, David King

    This book, together with the accompanying CD, provides an essential reference for bat enthusiasts who would like to gain or improve their skills in identifying British bats, using a bat detector.  The material has been gathered from experience gained in numerous bat detector workshops, throughout Europe, and is suitable for those who have just acquired a bat detector as well as for more experienced bat workers. The sounds of 13 bat species are included in the 48 tracks of the CD. This is the first ever comprehensive compilation of British bat recordings on compact disc.

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Polar Bears on the Edge: Heading for Extinction while Management Fails
    Polar Bears on the Edge: Heading for… -

    In his impassioned review of polar bear populations, wildlife activist Morten Jorgensen provides a history of polar bear population decline, describes the corrupt world of Arctic politics and concludes with conservation recommendations. Some gorgeous color photos, tables and charts are interspersed through his scientific prose.

    Paperback £18.50 Buy Now
  • Phillipp's Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo and their Ecology: Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan
    Phillipp's Field Guide to the Mammals… by Quentin Phillipps

    A sister publication to the critically acclaimed Phillipps' Field Guide to the Birds of Bomeo, this is a user-friendly field guide to the mammals of Borneo, covering Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan.

    Paperback £24.99 Buy Now
  • RSPB Spotlight: Badgers
    RSPB Spotlight: Badgers by James Lowen

    In RSPB Spotlight: Badgers James Lowen explores all aspects of their lives including their communal living, feeding habits, as well as the major threats to and conservation support for Badgers.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • The World of the Polar Bear
    The World of the Polar Bear by Norbert Rosing

    This work is the culmination of more than 20 years' study andobservation from one of the world's leading natural historyphotographers. World-renownednature photographer Norbert Rosing takes us through the year of thepolar bear showing us that the animal is not only a fierce predator,but also a loving parent and a natural jester. His engaging photogaphs and informative text invite us into a world that few ever see and whichis increasingly under threat.

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist
    Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a… by Maddalena Bearzi

    An honest, down-to-earth analysis of what it means to be a marine biologist in the field today, Dolphin Confidential offers an entertaining, never less than candid, and always informative description of life among the dolphins.

    Paperback £12.50 Buy Now
  • The Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia
    The Complete Guide to Finding the… by David Andrew

    For the first time ever, The Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia advises interested amateurs and professionals where to locate many of Australia's mammals. The Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia describes Australia's best mammal-watching sites state-by-state.

    Paperback £39.50 Buy Now
  • Meerkats
    Meerkats by Grant M McIlrath

    This lavishly illustrated title offers a unique insight into the world of this much-loved creature. Meerkats is the first book on the subject written by a professionally qualified nature conservationist. Author Grant McIlrath has over two decades worth of experience in wild meerkat research and conservation – the longest period of time that anyone in the world has spent studying these charismatic animals – and the highlights are captured here in this extraordinary collection.

    Hardback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Pocket Photo Guide Mammals of South-East Asia
    Pocket Photo Guide Mammals of… by Charles M Francis

    This compact, easy-to-use identification guide describes 192 species of mammals found in South-east Asia, covering each major genus. The book features thumbnail silhouettes, a regional distribution map, and up-to-date tips on the best wildlife localities. Illustrated with clear colour photography and brief but authoritative descriptions the Pocket Photo Guides highlight the species of animals from each region that the traveller is most likely to see, as well as those that are truly endemic (only to be seen in that country or region) or special rarities.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • The Otter's Tale
    The Otter's Tale by Simon Cooper

    Following in the footsteps of Henry Williamson’s classic 1920s tale Tarka the Otter, readers are taken on a journey through the calendar year, learning the most intimate detail of this most beautiful of British mammals. Cooper brings these beloved animals to life in all their wondrous complexity, revealing the previously hidden secrets of their lives in this beautifully told tale of the otter

    Hardback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Understanding Animal Behaviour
    Understanding Animal Behaviour by Rory Putman

    Understanding Animal Behaviour is copiously illustrated throughout in support and interpretation of the text. While the pictures enhance understanding of the written text, the text also showcases the exquisite illustrations of wildlife artist Catherine Putman.

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now
  • Britain's Mammals: A Field Guide to the Mammals of Britain and Ireland
    Britain's Mammals: A Field Guide to the… by John Wiley
    Britain's Mammals is a comprehensive and beautifully designed photographic field guide to all the mammals recorded in Britain and Ireland in recent times – including marine mammals, bats and introduced species. It features hundreds of stunning photographs and incorporates invaluable tips and suggestions to help you track down and identify even the most difficult species. 
    Paperback £17.95 Buy Now

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