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Ornithology - Britain & Europe

  • Birdwatching in Ireland with Eric Dempsey
    Birdwatching in Ireland with Eric Dempsey by Eric Dempsey

    Eric Dempsey has written this step by step guide so that beginners and advanced birdwatchers alike can develop a full understanding of Ireland's birds, including their behaviour and migrations.

    Paperback £17.99 Buy Now
  • Bird Habitats in Ireland
    Bird Habitats in Ireland by Richard Nairn, John O'Halloran

    A comprehensive, up-to-date review of the bird communities of all the habitats in Ireland. A team of the most experienced ornithologists in Ireland brings together descriptions of the habitat types and the typical bird species that depend on each habitat for support.

    Hardback £31.99 Buy Now
  • Bird Watching in Mallorca; How, Where and When?
    Bird Watching in Mallorca; How, Where… by Neville James Davies

    A guide to bird watching in Mallorca with directions and information on where to see birds in numerous locations. Includes a full species checklist and year round guide to residents and migrants, as well as finding target species.

    Paperback £13.99 Buy Now
  • Pocket Guide to the Common Birds of Ireland
    Pocket Guide to the Common Birds of… by Dempsey, O'Cleary

    A handy pocket guide to 210 most common species found in Ireland with the essential information to enable them to be identified in the field. Colour illustrations maps 249pp. 1995

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • Andorra Birds
    Andorra Birds by Jacqueline Crozier et al.

    A photographic guide arranged according to habitat keyed with both colour page corners and habitat symbols. Breeding behaviour (nest site choice) and bird size are also keyed using appropriate symbols plus seasonal occurrence charts. Colour photographs, black and white drawings, pull-out altitude chart, 276pp. 1995

    Paperback £16.95 Buy Now
  • Mallorca Birding Map: 75 Best Birding Points
    Mallorca Birding Map: 75 Best Birding… -

    Checklist included, with detailed information about where and when to find the 80 most interesting species. Full colour. Scale 1:140,000. 2014

    Map £5.99 Buy Now
  • Where to Watch Birds: Ireland
    Where to Watch Birds: Ireland by Paul Milne, Clive Hutchinson

    by Paul Milne and Clive Hutchinson

    This book has been fully revised and updated covering 150 sites, providing details on habitat, access and key species. Detailed maps accompany site descriptions.

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now
  • The Birds of Gloucestershire
    The Birds of Gloucestershire by Gordon Kirk, John Phillips

    This is the most comprehensive account of Gloucestershire's birds ever produced, covering all the species recorded in the county in modern times. There are detailed maps showing the distribution and abundance of over 130 regular species, based on four years of fieldwork carried out by hundreds of volunteers.

    Hardback £45.00 Buy Now
  • Where to Watch Birds; Kent, Surrey and Sussex
    Where to Watch Birds; Kent, Surrey and… by Don Taylor et al.

    Covers the best birding sites in the south-eastern corner of England. Describes each site in terms of habitat, species, access, timing and calendar, enabling all birders to get the best out of any birding excursions in this region.

    5th Edition.

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now
  • Finding Birds in Southern Cyprus Pack
    Finding Birds in Southern Cyprus Pack by Dave Gosney

    The book provides site details with accurate maps and GPS co-ordinates whilst the DVD provides footage of almost 70 species, including many of the specialities. Running time: 65 mins. 2010

    - £20.00 Info
  • Birds of the Czech Republic
    Birds of the Czech Republic by Kren, Joseph

    A comprehensive review of the country's avifauna with information on the 394 species recorded since 1800. Includes a detailed overview of the ecology and geography of the Czech Republic, bird habitats, climate, bird protection and important bird areas. Distribution maps, photographs, line drawings, 272pp. 2000

    Hardback £29.99 Buy Now
  • Helm Country Avifauna; The Birds of Essex25% OFF
    Helm Country Avifauna; The Birds of Essex by Simon Wood

    Essex is of national and international importance for many migrating and wintering wildfowl and waders which visit the estuaries. Further inland the Lea Valley, and other diverse habitats of woodland, parkland, heaths, commons, agricultural land and urban areas mean that you can see upwards of 100 species in a day with little effort. Analysis and summaries all the data collated and documented over the last 200 years.

    Hardback £30.00 RRP: £40.00Buy Now
  • Finding Birds in Eastern Turkey25% OFF
    Finding Birds in Eastern Turkey by Dave Gosney

    Covers Pontic Mountains & Lake Van areas. Maps, 23pp. 1993

    Paperback £4.50 RRP: £6.00Buy Now
  • Birdwatching Walks around Morecambe Bay
    Birdwatching Walks around Morecambe Bay by David Hindle, John Wilson

    Tens of thousands of waders, wildfowl and gulls winter, breed or pass through this area on their migrations from the Arctic to Africa and beyond. Covers the Wyre estuary in the south, Walney Island in the north, the Duddon estuary, the southern Lake District and the Forest of Bowland. This is an ideal guide for anyone wishing to combine a love of walking with an interest in birds and other wildlife. Maps, colour photographs, 142pp. 2007

    Paperback £7.95 Buy Now
  • North Cyprus 1999 Bird Report
    North Cyprus 1999 Bird Report by KUSKOR

    Includes a checklist of the Birds of North and South Cyprus, census counts of breeding birds in North Cyprus, observations of the autumn migration of waterbirds along the north coast and notes on Finsch's Wheatear wintering on the southern slopes of the Kyrenia mountain range. Also Hobby as a breeding summer visitor and coasting migration of gulls at Zeytin Burnu.

    Paperback £12.99 Buy Now
  • Breeding Birds of the Sheffield Area
    Breeding Birds of the Sheffield Area -

    This title analyses the results of the Sheffield Bird Study Group's breeding atlas survey carried out during 2003-08, and considers the changes that have taken place since the original survey in 1975-80 to provide a fascinating and up-to-date picture of the region's breeding avifauna.

    Hardback £26.00 Buy Now
  • British Bird Sounds
    British Bird Sounds by Richard Ranft, Ronald Kettle

    Two CDs covering 175 species. 2.5 hrs playing time. Announced plus booklet. 1992

    CD £15.99 Buy Now
  • Finding Birds in Mallorca
    Finding Birds in Mallorca by Dave Gosney

    This revised edition has been up-dated based on comments from birders using the first booklet. All major sites are described with maps. 24pp. 2012

    Paperback £8.50 Buy Now
  • Aves Rapaces del Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazelema
    Aves Rapaces del Parque Natural de la… by Pinero, J.R.

    This book covers all the resident and migrant raptors occuring in the Grazelema Natural Park situated just to the north-west of Ronda in Andalucia, Southern Spain. A general chapter deals with the ecology, morphology, classification and current status of the birds and is followed by chapters dealing with each species. Tables show the biological cycle of the species according to adults and juveniles in flight with details of incubation periods and time spent by young in the nest. Spanish text. Colour photographs, maps, 107pp. 1995

    Paperback £12.50 Buy Now
  • The Birds of the Isles of Scilly
    The Birds of the Isles of Scilly -

    The Isles of Scilly is one of the most popular and exciting birding sites in Britain. Its position means that they are often first landfall for lost migrants from both Europe and Asia to the east and North America to the west. This book discusses the status and distribution, past and present of every bird recorded on Scilly. For great rariries, a brekdown of all records is provided. Line drawings, colour photographs, 500pp. 2003

    Hardback £45.00 Buy Now
  • Romania; A Birdwatching and Wildlife Guide
    Romania; A Birdwatching and Wildlife… by James Roberts

    Until recently much of eastern Europe has been off limits. Due to prevention of development in agricultural practices and preservation of forests and wetlands, eastern Europe is an important area for wildlife. This guide provides information on the birds, mammals, amphibians, butterflies and botany of Romania. Detailed birdwatcher's site maps, 308pp. 2000

    Paperback £22.00 Buy Now
  • Concise Garden Bird Guide
    Concise Garden Bird Guide -

    This beautifully illustrated mini field guide is first and foremost a garden bird identification guide containing detailed descriptions of the most commonly encountered species, as well as some rarities and birds you may only see flying overhead in gardens. Eighty-eight species, illustrated with more than 400 superb full-colour artworks, are covered. Concise Garden Bird Guide also includes general guidelines on food, feeders, nest boxes and other items that can greatly increase the presence of birds in your garden.

    Paperback £4.99 Buy Now
  • Birdwatching Walks in Gwent
    Birdwatching Walks in Gwent by Gwent Ornithological Society

    Presented here are over 60 walks to help you explore Gwent's magnificent countryside and its birds. The routes are provided by twenty six experienced birdwatchers, each with an intimate knowledge of their particular area. They share their secrets to enable you to get the best experience from your walk. Also includes a checklist of Gwent's birds, maps and directions for each walk and information on public transport and wheelchair access.

    Paperback £11.99 Buy Now
  • Butterflies of Britain & Ireland
    Butterflies of Britain & Ireland by BirdGuides

    Present close-up footage of all of the butterflies found in Britain and Ireland. This broadcast-quality production offers comprehensive accounts of all 59 species with superb moving film and covering identification, distribution, habitat, behaviour and all life-stages. Narrated by TV presenter Nick Baker. Engaging and illuminating interviews have been filmed with knowledgable butterfliers from all over the country. Double DVD.

    DVD £29.99 Buy Now
  • Finding Birds in Extremadura
    Finding Birds in Extremadura by Dave Gosney

    Describes the best birding sites in detail.

    Paperback £8.50 Buy Now
  • Birdwatching in Northern Greece; A Site Guide
    Birdwatching in Northern Greece; A Site… by Steve Mills

    There are detailed descriptions of the areas around Thessaloniki, including the Axios-Aliakmon-Loudias region, Alikes Kitrous, Nea Agathoupoli and (on the eastern shore) Angelohori and the Epanomi lagoons. Eight more sites in the Kerkini area and new sites in the Evros Hills. More general information on lots of other sites, including Mount Olympus, Lake Karla, the Rodopi and Pindos Mountains.

    Paperback £24.99 Buy Now
  • The Crossley ID Guide; Britain & Ireland
    The Crossley ID Guide; Britain & Ireland by Richard Crossley, Dominic Couzens

    This book is aimed at beginner and intermediate birders, yet suitable for all levels, this third volume in the groundbreaking Crossley ID Guide series is the most user-friendly field guide to the birds of Britain and Ireland.

    Based on The Crossley ID Guide's award-winning design, The Crossley ID Guide; Britain & Ireland looks at all regularly occurring species of Britain and Ireland, and shows readers how to identify birds using size, structure, shape, probability, and behaviour - just like the experts do! Stunning images are accompanied by the accurate and concise text of Dominic Couzens, one of Britain's leading nature writers.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • The Birds of Durham
    The Birds of Durham -

    This ground-breaking publication is the definitive account of every species of bird that has been recorded in County Durham up until the end of 2011. It is the first full avifauna to be published since 1951 and is packed with facts and figures about all 386 species recorded to date.

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Bird-Watching in London; A Historical Perspective
    Bird-Watching in London; A Historical… by Nicholson

    Max Nicholson's personal account of bird-watching in inner London in the mid 1920s based on his own observations. Separate chapters cover ducks and gulls flylines over London, the birds of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park (with updated appendix) and bird protection in London. The front cover also includes a colour illustration by Charles Tunnicliffe. c220pp. 1995 LNHS

    Paperback £8.95 Buy Now
  • Turkey 31st May - 7th June 1994
    Turkey 31st May - 7th June 1994 by Harrop, et al

    Itinerary systematic list 10pp 1994 Harrop

    Paperback £4.00 Buy Now
  • Finding Birds in North Spain
    Finding Birds in North Spain by Dave Gosney

    Shows you in the clearest possible way, exactly where to go to look for almost 50 species of the most exciting birds of northern Spain - Wallcreepers, Lammergeiers, Great Bustards, Little Bustards, Snowfinches, Black Woodpeckers, Dupont's Larks'.

    Paperback £8.50 Buy Now
  • DVD Guide to Birdwatching in Wales
    DVD Guide to Birdwatching in Wales by Paul Doherty

    A single DVD featuring 129 species. There is a full menu so you can go straight to any species, plus 2 soundtracks (so you can have just the natural sounds if you want). 2 hours 11 mins. 2012.

    DVD £13.95 Buy Now
  • Cambridgeshire Bird Atlas 2007-2011
    Cambridgeshire Bird Atlas 2007-2011 by Louise Bacon et al.

    Cambridgeshire Bird Atlas 2007-2011 provides a complete and comprehensive overview of the summer and winter distribution and abundance of birds in the county. There are 500 detailed maps which show where 167 bird species can be found breeding or wintering. Facing the maps are expert species accounts interpreting the maps and placing them in historical and national context.

    Paperback £17.50 Buy Now
  • Finding Birds in Eastern Austria
    Finding Birds in Eastern Austria by Dave Gosney

    Eight main sites, maps, 21pp 1994

    Paperback £6.00 Buy Now
  • Wildlife of the North Atlantic: A Cruising Guide50% OFF
    Wildlife of the North Atlantic: A… by Tony Soper

    Covers the surface wildlife that inhabits the waters of the North Atlantic. Ideal for anyone at sea exploring the coast between Brittany and the British Isles, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland and Maine.

    Paperback £8.49 RRP: £16.99Buy Now
  • Finding Birds in Romania
    Finding Birds in Romania by Dave Gosney

    Covers the Danube Delta plus three other main sites. Maps, 27pp. 1993

    Paperback £6.00 Buy Now
  • Finding Birds in Britain; A Site Guide
    Finding Birds in Britain; A Site Guide by Speight

    Covers 43 major sites throughout the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales. Whilst written mainly for American visitors, this fresh approach may have something to offer UK based birdwatchers. Maps, 140pp. 1995

    Paperback £11.99 Buy Now
  • Great Birds of Britain and Europe
    Great Birds of Britain and Europe by David Tipling, Jonathan Elphick

    A superb collection of bird photographs and evocative text that will give pleasure and fascinating information to nature lovers and birdwatchers alike.

    Hardback £22.50 Buy Now
  • Finding Birds in Extremadura Pack
    Finding Birds in Extremadura Pack by Dave Gosney

    Covers over 77 species at 15 sites throughout Extremadura, with emphasis on the most popular birding areas around Trujillo and Monfrague.

    DVD duration: 86 minutes.

    - £19.95 Buy Now
  • The Birds of Bute; A Bird Atlas and Local Avifauna28% OFF
    The Birds of Bute; A Bird Atlas and… by Ronald W Forrester et al.

    This title documents data gathered on Bute as part of a national survey, and was seen as an opportunity to update previous studies published on Bute's birds. It is the first complete record of birdlife on Bute since McWilliam's 'The Birds of the Island of Bute' published in 1927. More than just a bird atlas, it is also a local avifauna, providing in depth historical and current information for all species recorded. Includes maps showing summer and winter distribution.

    Paperback £8.99 RRP: £12.50Buy Now
  • Birds of Pelion
    Birds of Pelion by Martin, Barbara

    Pelion is on the central Greek migratory route for birds on their Spring and Autumn passages. This title will hopefully whet the appetite and encourange visitors to this beautiful little known part of Greece.

    Paperback £10.00 Buy Now
  • Where To Watch Birds; The West Midlands
    Where To Watch Birds; The West Midlands by Graham Harrison et al.

    Extensively revised and updated with several new sites and some existing site accounts considerably expanded. Maps, line drawings, 343pp. 2007

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now
  • Birds of the Harrogate District
    Birds of the Harrogate District by John R Mather

    A complete historical review from the earliest records to the present time. The first checklist, compiled in 1961, listed 186 species which had been recorded since 1948. The number of species recorded in the district at the end of 2000 is now 288, just over half of the total recorded in the British Isles, 310pp. 2001

    Paperback £12.50 Buy Now
  • RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and Europe
    RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and… by Rob Hume

    This guide and 70 minute CD will help you discover all about 800 species of birds regularly found in Britain and Europe and also some rare varieties. Shows adults in typical plumage, with male, female, juvenile and summer or winter variations helping you to identify birds in the field quickly and easily.

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Identification Guide to Birds of Britain and Northern Europe
    Identification Guide to Birds of… by Peter Goodfellow, Paul Sterry

    An introduction to birds and bird watching, featuring 150 of the more common bird species most likely to be seen in the fields and gardens of Britain and Northern Europe.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • North-East Wales Bird Report 200860% OFF
    North-East Wales Bird Report 2008 by CBRG

    Systematic list for the year 2008. also includes articles on Gors Maen Llywd, North Wales Breeding Bird Atlas 2008 - 2011 - Progress so far, Wintering Blackcaps in North East Wales, WeBS counts for selected sites in North East Wales and Ringing Report 2008.

    Paperback £2.00 RRP: £5.00Buy Now
  • Bloomsbury Pocket Guide to Garden Birds42% OFF
    Bloomsbury Pocket Guide to Garden Birds by Nigel Blake

    Provides comprehensive details on 87 of the most common British species of garden birds. Each species account includes diet, nesting habits, its size, and habitat and distribution. The introduction to this book includes tips on providing food, water and nest boxes for birds in your own garden.

    Paperback £5.75 RRP: £10.00Buy Now
  • A Birding Tourist's Guide to Majorca
    A Birding Tourist's Guide to Majorca by Maties Rebassa, Jose Luis Martinez

    Provides details of 17 sites and 26 itineraries. Notes on 240 species with details of notable endemics. Species list and status and list of birds on the Majorcan rarities.


    To read a review on this book click on More Info


    Paperback £25.99 Buy Now
  • Features of the Shropshire Hills: The Stiperstones and Long Mynd
    Features of the Shropshire Hills: The… by Pete Boardman

    The Stiperstones and The Long Mynd is in the northern part of the Shropshire Hills Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This chart illustrates plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians and invertebrates that inhabit the varied habitats of this area. 2008

    Chart £3.80 Buy Now
  • Palearctic Birds: A Checklist of the Birds of Europe, North Africa and Asia48% OFF
    Palearctic Birds: A Checklist of the… by Mark Beaman

    The aim of this new publication is to provide an up-to-date working list & to make a further contribution to the current debate on a very contentious subject. The author has applied his own logic retaining names which clearly honour well- known ornithological pioneers but has included the best of the proposed new names. The list shows Latin as well as suggested English names from all sides. 168pp 1994 Harrier

    Paperback £7.99 RRP: £15.50Buy Now
  • The Birds of Dartmoor
    The Birds of Dartmoor by Roger Smaldon

    Provides a comprehensive history of the birds of this area, drawing on references from the late 18th century to the present day. Relying particularly on records of the Devon Birdwatching and Presevation Society and the Dartmoor Study Group for current information, it represents the most complete status report to date. In addition to full details of species there is also an introduction to Dartmoor habitats and a section dealing with a typical Dartmoor year. Line drawings, maps, 246pp. 2005

    Paperback £18.95 Buy Now
  • Cyprus Bird Report 2010
    Cyprus Bird Report 2010 by Colin Richardson et al.

    Contains a systematic list for 2010, the Year at a Glance, list of observers, reports of rare birds and details of the Birdlife Cyprus Ringing Scheme Annual Ringing Report 2010. Colour photographs, tables, barcharts, 206pp. 2011

    Paperback £16.95 Buy Now
  • Key to Identifying Common Birds
    Key to Identifying Common Birds by Lyn Merrick

    A3 key to help you identify some of the common bird species found in Britain

    - £2.95 Buy Now
  • The Birds of Gwent
    The Birds of Gwent by W A Venables et al.

    One of the first comparative breeding bird atlases for a county. The use of data from 1977 and 1987 atlases allows longer term population trends to be analysed and discussed. Details the status, distribution, and past and present fortunes of all birds recorded in Gwent, with a breakdown of all rarity records. Line drawings, distribution maps, colour photographs, 416pp. 2008

    Hardback £40.00 Buy Now
  • The BTO/CJ Garden Birdwatch Book
    The BTO/CJ Garden Birdwatch Book by Toms, Mike

    Presents information gathered through the BTO's research on how birds use gardens and how this has changed over time. Provides tips on attracting and feeding garden birds and observations on their ecology and behaviour which will allow you to engage with wildlife without leaving home. Colour photographs, 128pp. 2003

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • Important Bird Areas in Bulgaria
    Important Bird Areas in Bulgaria -

    Whilst the book is written in Bulgarian, each IBA section has an English summary making the book particularly useful for anyone contemplating a visit to the country. Scientific bird names are used throughout. Full English summary explains how the project was organised and explains the various categories employed. Colour photographs and black and white drawings, tables, maps, 176pp. 1997

    Paperback £23.50 Buy Now
  • Checklist of the Birds of Eurasia
    Checklist of the Birds of Eurasia by Ben F King

    Covering 3,062 species in an area which includes the whole of Europe, the Middle East, India, the rest of Asia as far south as Wallacea but excluding Africa and Australasia, the author sets out his criteria for nomenclature, list order and distribution statistics. English and scientific names geographical range and tick box, 105pp. 1997

    Paperback £15.95 Buy Now
  • Echoes from Cape Clear: A Year in the Life of an Irish Island and its Bird Observatory
    Echoes from Cape Clear: A Year in the… by Tom Green

    In 1968, Tom and Stephanie Green left the relative comfort of Oxford to spend a year in Ireland as wardens of the remote Cape Clear Island Bird Observatory. This is their engaging story of ornithological discovery along with detailed information and a vivid portrayal of the island and its people.

    Paperback £20.00 Buy Now
  • ID Chart - Top 50 Garden Birds
    ID Chart - Top 50 Garden Birds by Edward Jackson, Andy Simms

    This 12 sided laminated fold out colour identification chart of the top 50 Garden Birds, features many of the species you are likely to find in the garden throughout the year.

    Laminated chart £3.80 Buy Now
  • The Lakeland Eagles
    The Lakeland Eagles by D G Walker

    A complete account of the restablishment of breeding Golden Eagles in the Lake District and their subsequent successes up to the present day. The study covers the period 1979 to 1990 and follows the eagles through the whole year cycle during this time. At the moment the future is rather bleak as fewer birds are being raised in S W Scotland as replacements. B/w photographs, tables, 78pp. 2004 2nd edition

    Paperback £5.00 Buy Now

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