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Special Offers

This page lists all our current titles on special offer.

  • Dangerous Marine Mammals50% OFF
    Dangerous Marine Mammals by Matthias Bergbauer et al.

    Covers all forms of dangerous sealife. Describes jellyfish, molluscs, crustaceans, urochordates, fish, reptiles, seabirds, cetaceans and sea mammals. Colour photographs, maps, 384pp. 2009

    Paperback £14.99 RRP: £29.99Buy Now
  • World Ocean Census: A Global Survey of Marine Life50% OFF
    World Ocean Census: A Global Survey of… by Darlene Trew Crist et al.

    The Census of Marine Life was launched in the year 2000 with the goal of producing the first ever ocean census by 2010. Two thousand scientists from 82 nations agreed to the mandate to answer three important questions. What once lived in the global ocean? What is living there now? What will live there in the future? This critical data will be studied for decades to come. Colour photographs, 256pp. 2009

    Hardback £15.00 RRP: £30.00Buy Now
  • Concise Seashore Wildlife Guide50% OFF
    Concise Seashore Wildlife Guide -

    Packed with information on nearly 180 species that live in the area between land and sea called intertidal or littoral zone. A concise general description covers size, habitat, ecology and distribution. Colour illustrations, 192pp. 2011

    Paperback £2.49 RRP: £4.99Buy Now
  • Do Fish Sleep? Fascinating Answers to Questions about Fishes50% OFF
    Do Fish Sleep? Fascinating Answers to… by Judith S Weis

    Organised in an easy-to-read and accessible question-and-answer format of over 100 interesting facts from fish biology basics to the importance of preserving and restoring fish diversity and healthy populations. A captivating read for fish enthusiasts of all ages and also the perfect primer for those just about to get their feet wet. Dive in! Colour and black and white photographs, 240pp. 2011

    Paperback £9.75 RRP: £19.50Buy Now
  • Field Guide for Sharks of the Genus Carcharhinus50% OFF
    Field Guide for Sharks of the Genus… by Matthias Voigt, Dietmar Weber

    An identification key is given to determine and to differentiate the species. For each species an extended list of characters is given including coloured figures to show the lateral and ventral view, a detailed view of nostril and teeth, as well as some cases of juveniles and special characters. Colour plates, distribution maps, tables, 151pp. 2011

    Paperback £17.50 RRP: £35.00Buy Now
  • Britain's Freshwater Fishes50% OFF
    Britain's Freshwater Fishes by Mark Everard

    This title covers the 53 species of freshwater and brackish fishes that are native, or have been introduced and become naturalised. Detailed species accounts describe the key identification features and provide information on status, size and weight, habitat, ecology and conservation. Illustration type: Colour photographs, 144pp. 2013

    Paperback £8.97 RRP: £17.95Buy Now
  • A Photographic Guide to Seashore Life of Australia50% OFF
    A Photographic Guide to Seashore Life… by Keith Davey

    A guide to a wide ranging selection of about 250 spp of animals & plants found around the shores of Australia. Colour photographs 144pp 1998

    Paperback £5.49 RRP: £10.99Buy Now
  • Sea and Shore Life of Qatar (Qatar Nature Explorer)30% OFF
    Sea and Shore Life of Qatar (Qatar… by Frances Gillespie

    The Qatar Nature Explorer series offers a unique insight into Qatar's natural history and wildlife, and is an essential resource for schools and parents. 32pp. 2013

    Hardback £3.49 RRP: £4.99Buy Now
  • Guide to the Common Seashells of Britain and Ireland30% OFF
    Guide to the Common Seashells of… by Chris Shields

    Covers common seashells found around the shores of Britain and Ireland. Includes both the bivalves (including mussels, cockles, scallops, razor shells, oysters, venus shells and others) and the gastropds (including topshells, periwinkles, limpets, cowries and whelks). Accompanying text gives more information about how to identify each type of shell. Illustration type: Colour illustrations. 2013

    Chart £2.10 RRP: £3.00Buy Now
  • A Beginner's Guide to Ireland's Seashores50% OFF
    A Beginner's Guide to Ireland's Seashores by Helena Challinor et al.

    Provides common, scientific and irish names of 125 animals and plants, with clear simple descriptions, including size, colour, habitat and location on the shore. Colour photographs, 208pp. Reprinted 2010

    Paperback £3.99 RRP: £7.99Buy Now
  • Wildlife of the North Atlantic: A Cruising Guide50% OFF
    Wildlife of the North Atlantic: A… by Tony Soper

    Covers the surface wildlife that inhabits the waters of the North Atlantic. Ideal for anyone at sea exploring the coast between Brittany and the British Isles, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland and Maine.

    Paperback £8.49 RRP: £16.99Buy Now
  • Diving and Snorkelling Guide to Belize50% OFF
    Diving and Snorkelling Guide to Belize by Franz O Meyer

    Detailed descriptions of 35 dive sites off Lighthouse Reef Glover Reef and Turneffe Island. Full information on depth visibility temperature marine life & expertise required for each dive. Colour photos throughout maps 96pp 1990

    Paperback £4.50 RRP: £9.00Buy Now
  • Snails on Rocky Sea Shores (Naturalists' Handbook No. 30)30% OFF
    Snails on Rocky Sea Shores… by John Crothers

    The snails found living on rocky sea shores are among the most rewarding invertebrate animals to study. Species such as dog-whelks, topshells and winkles are easy to find, capture, identify, measure and mark. This book provides a key to common species, background ecology, an overview of rocky shore habitats and the techniques required for anyone to study this fascinating and accessible fauna. Colour photographs, b/w illustrations, figures, 116pp. 2012

    Paperback £13.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • The Biology of Ponds and Lakes49% OFF
    The Biology of Ponds and Lakes by Christer Bronmark, Lars-Anders Hansson

    A comprehensive overview of the evolution of freshwater organisms, the importance of biotic interactions including competition, predation, parasitism, symbiosis & food web relationships. A final chapter deals with conservation & the threats posed by human activities. Line drawings, 288pp. 2nd edition 2005 (with corrections) 2006, 2008, 2009

    Paperback £17.49 RRP: £34.95Buy Now
  • Australia: The East (Travellers' Wildlife Guides)50% OFF
    Australia: The East (Travellers'… by Les Beletsky

    Identification and location information on the most frequently seen animals and colour illistrations of nearly 650 of Australia's most common fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Up to date information on the ecology, behaviour and conservation of profiled animals.

    Paperback £9.49 RRP: £18.99Buy Now
  • Florida (Travellers' Wildlife Guides)50% OFF
    Florida (Travellers' Wildlife Guides) by Fiona Sunquist et al.

    Colour photographs and illustrations of more than 600 of Florida's most common insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and plants with information on identifying and locating them. Brief descriptions of the most frequently visited parks and reserves.

    Paperback £9.49 RRP: £18.99Buy Now
  • Peru (Travellers' Wildlife Guides)50% OFF
    Peru (Travellers' Wildlife Guides) by David L Pearson, Les Beletsky

    Provides identifying information on the most frequently encountered species of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. Colour photographs and illustrations, 520pp. 2004

    Paperback £9.49 RRP: £18.99Buy Now
  • Southern Mexico (Travellers' Wildlife Guides)50% OFF
    Southern Mexico (Travellers' Wildlife… by Les Beletsky

    Information on habitats of Southern Mexico, the most common plants you will encounter, underwater animals that divers and snorkelers actually see, and colour illustrations of approximately 550 of the most common fish amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

    Paperback £9.49 RRP: £18.99Buy Now
  • Seaweeds of the British Isles: Volume 1, Rhodophyta, Part 1: Introduction, Nemaliales, Gigartinales50% OFF
    Seaweeds of the British Isles: Volume… by Peter S Dixon, Linda M Irvine

    A general introduction deals with morphology, reproduction and economic utilization. Each species is then described and illustrated with notes on the ecology and distribution, Keys, black and white drawings, 252pp. Reprinted 2011

    Paperback £19.99 RRP: £39.99Buy Now
  • Seaweeds of the British Isles: Volume 1, Rhodophyta, Part 2A: Cryptonemiales (sensu stricto), Palmari50% OFF
    Seaweeds of the British Isles: Volume… by Linda M Irvine

    Covers the species attributed to the orders Cryptonemiales, Palmariales and Rhodymeniales. Each species incorporates notes on ecology and distribution. Keys, black and white illustrations, 115pp. Reprinted 2011

    Paperback £17.49 RRP: £34.99Buy Now
  • Seaweeds of the British Isles: Volume 1, Rhydophyta, Part 2B: Corallinales, Hildenbrandiales50% OFF
    Seaweeds of the British Isles: Volume… by Linda M Irvine, Yvonne M Chamberlain

    All subfamilies, genera and species are described with notes on ecology and distribution. Concise but comprehensive and practical introduction and a complete re-evaluation of British Isles taxa in consultation with other international specialists. In addition, one new species and three new combinations are proposed. Black and white illustrations, 276pp. 1984. Reprinted 2011

    Paperback £19.99 RRP: £39.99Buy Now
  • Coastlines: The Story of Our Shores20% OFF
    Coastlines: The Story of Our Shores by Patrick Barkham

    Through a series of walks and rambles beside the sea, the author tells the engaging stories of some notable stretches of coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that are all protected by the National Trust.

    Hardback £16.00 RRP: £20.00Buy Now
  • Madeira Marine Life50% OFF
    Madeira Marine Life by Peter Wirtz

    The marine fauna and flora of Madeira is a mixture of species with biogeographic affinities more to the north (up to Norway), many species that also live in the Mediterranean Sea, and a surprisingly large number of truly tropical species. For many tropical species Madeira appears to be the northern limit of distribution. Colour photographs. 192pp. 2001

    Paperback £8.00 RRP: £16.00Buy Now
  • Seaweeds of the British Isles: Volume 3, Fucophyceae (Phaeophyceae), Part 150% OFF
    Seaweeds of the British Isles: Volume… by Robert L Fletcher

    Covers the species attributed to the class Fucophyceae. Each species description incorporates notes on ecology and distribution. Black and white line illustrations, 359pp, 1987, reprinted 2011

    Paperback £22.49 RRP: £44.99Buy Now
  • A Photographic Guide to Sea Fishes of New Zealand50% OFF
    A Photographic Guide to Sea Fishes of… by Wade Doak

    Covers many bony (or teleostean) reef fishes belonging to the Super Class Pisces, Class Osteichthyes and discusses their habitats by day and night. Colour photographs, 144pp. 2003

    Paperback £3.99 RRP: £7.99Buy Now
  • Classification and Ranking of Water Beetle Communities50% OFF
    Classification and Ranking of Water… by G N Foster, M D Eyre

    Aquatic coleoptera possess all the attributes needed to evaluate the conservation status of wetland sites and their study lends itself to the production of comprehensive species lists. These lists are extremely useful as indicators to assign sites to assemblage groups and this report summarises a series of regional surveys and is based on over 2 000 lists, 110pp. 1992

    Paperback £2.75 RRP: £5.50Buy Now
  • Deep Ocean50% OFF
    Deep Ocean by Tony Rice

    The deep reaches of the ocean harbour and extraordinary array of life. Eel-like fish, squid, shrimp, worms, snails, and starfish and a host of other creatures have been found to exist in and above the darkness of the muddy sea floor. Offers a compelling insight into this little known world. Colour photographs, 96pp. 2000

    Paperback £4.97 RRP: £9.95Buy Now
  • Snorkelling and Diving in Oman50% OFF
    Snorkelling and Diving in Oman by R Salm, R Baldwin

    Highlights the best snorkelling & diving sites with maps & many underwater photographs. 88pp 1992 edtn

    Paperback £7.47 RRP: £14.95Buy Now
  • Ten Years Underwater50% OFF
    Ten Years Underwater by Ned Middleton

    This fascinating book takes the reader from Ulster to Italy, Gibraltar and Cyprus to Hong Kong, Fiji and the Caribbean. Colour & b/w photographs, 129pp, 1988

    Hardback £7.47 RRP: £14.95Buy Now

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